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I'm Dana Loesch, a twenty-something wife and mother of two boys named Liam and Ewan. They were not named after the "Star Wars" actors, it's a coincidence. My husband Chris works in music and is currently rehabbing a building downtown to house his studio. We are the party wherever we go. We live in a historic, Tim Burton-esque brick home in St. Louis city.

Mamalogues is about my experiences in motherhood and life in general. I've written for a very long time. I studied journalism in college and was educated by the finest minds of the liberal variety. I've done a lot of things: I have my own radio show; I've written a weekly column with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for whom I also blogged on pop-culture; I've written for ClubMom on the topics of religion and homeschooling; I'm a regular guest on Canada's CJOB; I've been interviewed for an article with Associated Content; I've guest co-hosted on Fox News Radio's Allman and Crane in the Morning; and was featured on the television show "We Live Here." I've done Saturday morning parenting segments on CBS affiliate KMOV Channel 4 and for NBC affiliate KSDK Channel 5. This website was also floated as a possible television sitcom.

On April 21st, 2008 a major snafu obliterated my friend's server and all backup systems and my site disappeared. I am rebuilding.  

I enjoy Photoshop and delight in butchering AP style. I have tattoos and used to have multiple piercings. My only vice is coffee; I'm also a recovering potty-mouth. My prior language caused kittens and fairies to spontaneously combust. I don't say dirty words anymore UNLESS I'm yelling at my kids. I feel I'm more creative than that and I also want my kids to be able to read the things I wrote about them someday without expressing concern that yes, I did kiss them with that mouth.

We are Jesus-freaks. Non-denominational Jesus-freaks. It's an identifying factor of who we are and it's something I discuss frequently. I think some people are scared of Christians because they think we're all like Piper Laurie's Carrie character, fuzzy-headed carnival barkers who make a circus out of worship. Those kind of people scare the crap out of me, too. I left the church for awhile because I allowed other people to represent their distorted views of Christianity to me instead of deciding and discovering for myself, but I eventually came back. My entire world changed when I gave birth to my first child, I changed.

While being a mother isn't easy and I definitely have my Calgon moments, I ultimately think that the moms who talk about how they feel victimized by motherhood give other women a false impression of parenting. Yes, it's tough. Did you seriously think that something which began by RAMMING ITS WAY OUT OF YOUR VAGINA was going to be a cakewalk? However, nothing on this earth is more rewarding. I always sum up being a parent with an observation from "Parenthood." I like the rollercoaster.

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