The dude that punched Saddam in the head


Last week I did what no other mothering being should attempt: I gathered She Who Sells Houses (Jen), She Whose Husband Works at AB (Megan); Ozarks Amy, Chris's cousin Brit (who babysat the boys after school last Tuesday so I could work), myself, and all of our children for a trip to the zoo. It was a caravan. Liam wouldn't stop mooching other kids' snacks, even though I brought SEVEN BAGS of snacks from home. As we stood pretending to be interested in the sea lions as much as our children, Megan discovered that a semi-hippie female collegiate of the non-patchouli variety was taking notes regarding human behavior. I think our group display gave her an entire semester's worth of disorders to study.


And in Dude Who Punched Saddam in the Mouth:

Army guys flanking Samir and Chris


Last year Chris and Doug attended something to do with River City Rage's new season and were introduced to Samir, who has the AWESOME privilege of being known as the dude who punched the crap out of Saddam Hussein.

Dude is my HERO. (Samir, not Saddam.)

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