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Ewan's dialogue is growing at a terrifying pace. He utters each new word he learns with a beginner's hesitancy but when he's familiarized himself with the term he starts repeating it like a drill sergeant. Unfortunately, many of the words flying from his mouth are embarrassing, horribly mangled versions of their former selves as Ewan takes as much delight in bastardizing the English language as Nana does.

An example of Ewan dialogue:

"Ah woont COCKIT MOOK. COCKIT MOOK NOW. Peeeeeaaas? Peas? Pee-peas? Cockit Mook? COCKIT MOOK! MAMA! NOW!"


"I want CHOCLATE MILK. CHOCOLATE MILK NOW. Pleeeease? Please? Pretty please? Chocolate milk? CHOCOLATE MILK! MAMA! NOW!"

Yesterday Nana confided that Ewan was pointing to her clock on the wall and asked what it was.

"A clock," she told him.

You can guess what that came out sounding like.


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