Let loose from the noose ... wherein I kiss a lot of butt


WOW. The mail has been ... wow. I feel loved. Actually, it picked me up off my backside when my stress level topped Elmo last week.

My two-year affair with Blogger is officially over. I noticed that Blogger wouldn't publish while I was in Washington; it also stopped saying "I love you" when I called it on the phone. I e-mailed them and inquired as to what the deal was, yo. Others were also having difficulty with Blogger. Blogger sat on its a-double snakes. The only thing to do was to move my website from Blogger's platform to that of Moveable Type, something I've been considering for awhile now; I just didn't want to do it RIGHT NOW as the timing couldn't be worse. Plus, I know precisely crap about CSS. In Blogger, I chopped up and re-did some of the HTML to suit my needs; I had to get help with Mamalogues 2.0.

Herein lies my BIG thanks to several awesome people who helped me through this hell, my generous host, Martin, the man with the driest humor EVER (so dry! It's awesome!). He and his wife, Nicky, rock and I love them both because they refrained from making fun of me when we saw "28 Days Later" and I scream-talked back to the screen throughout the movie.

A big thanks to Craig Wagner, who I called in my 11th hour and was all "Moveable Type is possessed. Or I'm just stupid. I'm positive it's the latter." Craig has Jedi CSS skillz. He's fluent in every computer language! He designs awesome websites! He does it fast! He needs work! E-mail and hire him!

So now ... introducing ... Mamalogues 2.0.
You'll notice that besides the new three-column layout, there are several other new features: Categories! Permalinks! Trackbacks! Commenters will also be required to leave an e-mail address when commenting, which I'm sure will whittle down those drive-bys. I do not do anything with e-mail addresses or anyone's private information ever; those are the animals we sacrifice in my son's homeschool classes.

Despite the pain it took in getting to this point (Blogger was so easy, therein lies the problem; MT is much more complex, tricky, and somewhat confusing), I'm happy with the end result and I hope that you are, too. There are a few things left to tweak (some of the sidebar links included), and I'm sure that I'll have to work out a few future glitches here and there as I acclimate to my new platform and learn CSS, however should you stumble upon a bug or problem, please drop me a line and let me know.

I've missed you.


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