Reality bites


For the third time in the past couple of months I've been contacted by a casting producer wanting me to participate in a network reality series. The latest contact comes from ABC's "Wife Swap," the show I know only for the gi-normo woman who, at the last minute, decided that she was a "GOD WARRIOR!" and went on a red-faced diatribe. And she was sober.

That's the big reason I said no.

My kids, my family isn't a social experiment and I'm uncomfortable with allowing people I don't know in a position to influence my kids. Family is sacred. Except for this morning. Or the times that Ewan throws a tantrum and stamps around the house smacking his big fat head on things in a self-righteous rage. Or when Liam whines, how the unnerving decibel of that whine is pitched high enough to kill kittens.

"Plus, there's no other woman on earth who could take your role, do everything that you do, and deal with me," Chris snickered. That's right. Especially this morning.

Despite spilling my entire life out online, I'm a very private person offline. I'm a situational extrovert; though I generally prefer to keep to myself. The thought of a frillion television cameras poking around my house freaks me out, especially since I think that regardless of how people truly are, they're always edited to be more "appealing" with some kind of overblown drama.

And we all know that there's MORE than enough drama to go around right here.

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