My dearest Elle tagged me with my first meme. I've been blogging for two years and I'm only now doing my first meme?
No one loves me.
Yeah? Well, I'm going to have a princess party with a tiara and cake and my mom's old high heels and my grandma's gaudy jewelry and YOU ARE NOT INVITED.
Seriously though, I was running free until Elle shot me with some sort of organic tagging dart that she got at Whole Foods. Dude, they have EVERYTHING at Whole Foods.
To get even, I'm going to lock her in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese's with my kids when she comes to visit later this month.

Four things:

Four Jobs I've Had (besides mom)
- journalist
- Editor of an indie city magazine
- Old Navy salesperson (and lord of the now-defunct Denim Wall) where Elle and I held secret "Doesn't our manager suck? She so totally does suck" meetings in the store room
- waitress

Four Movies I can Watch Over and Over
- "Old School"
- "Pride and Prejudice" (A&E or Keira Knightley version)
- "Pretty in Pink"
- Harry Potter. I AM NOT ASHAMED.

Four Places I've Lived
- St. Louis
- St. Louis
- St. Louis
- St. Louis
I'm so exotic.

Four TV Shows I love
- "Star Trek"
- "Gilmore Girls"
- "24"
- "South Park"
- "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." I can rap the entire theme.

Four highly regarded and recommended TV shows I haven't seen (much of)
- "Lost"
- "House"
- "Grey's Anatomy"
- "American Idol" - this show makes me feel constipated.

Four places I've vacationed
- Bahamas
- California
- Memphis
- Las Vegas

Four of my favorite dishes
- Sushi
- BBQ'd pulled pork sandwiches
- Tacos from Tomatillo's
- spring rolls

Four sites I visit daily
- Defamer
- ClubMom mom blogs!
- Blogher
- Boingboing

Four places I'd rather be right now:
- On a Caribbean beach
- Desert of New Mexico
- On a boat, floating on one of the bodies of water in the desert canyons
- French Rivera

Four new bloggers I'm tagging
- Kristen King, whom I met in D.C. and is hands-down the friendliest person I've ever met period. She is almost I-may-be-a-serial-killer-I'm-so-friendly but is not. A serial killer. (*Edited because I don't want to gyp her with an odd compliment because she's much too talented and grammatically skilled to just be noticed for being nice.)
- Ashlea
- Lisa
- Elisa
- Laura


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