Things you missed while I was SOL


1) Ewan now screams "MEATS!" full blast in a voice sounding not unlike someone would sound while wrestling with a particularly stubborn bowel movement.

2) Ewan also began saying "No" in an I'm-being-mugged-in-a-dark-alley kinda way.

3) My 17-year-old cousin is living with us while recording her album. Her name is Andi. Her milkshake will most DEFINITELY NOT be bringing any pimpletons to my yard.

3.5) A group of rogue ants ate the caulking from under our front door.

4) My boobs shrank a cup size. ?

5) I received a buttload of e-mails from people asking if I was hurt or pregnant and is that why the site isn't up, when is the site going to be up.

5.5) Marc Anthony's guitarist recorded a part for his upcoming album at Chris's studio.

6) I've learned that I suck royally at CSS.

7) I uploaded 323 photos from our D.C. trip. They'll be online starting Monday.

8) We attempted to finish finishing our basement and then were all "This is hard. Let's go get some tacos." We've yet to finish.

9) Liam discovered that his Darth Sidious action figure will not flush. This was realized on Sidious's pretend "underwater cave exploring mission" while I was in the shower.

9.5) I had a meeting at the Post, the first time I've ever walked in the building, and engaged in a lengthy discussion on the Civil War with the coolest security guard ever while waiting for the elevator.

10) Chris is warming up to the idea of a daughter. You all shut your mouths. Just shut your mouths!

Bonus! Chris sitting in Edgar Allan Poe's chair!

And a Baltimore church!

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