"How many cameras are actually ON you?"


In a couple days a camera crew will arrive to follow me around St. Louis as I show off a few cool places in the city for a new show called "We Live Here" which will air on the Fine Living network. Out of all the reality shows that have contacted me in the past several months, this was one of two not bent on human exploitation. I'm excited about doing it because I get to show off my city - and St. Louis rocks! If you don't think so you obviously live in a city that lacks such awesome sustenance as toasted ravioli, or crab rangoon. Anybody - any Chinese person, for that matter - outside of St. Louis is all "WHAT ON EARTH IS CRAB RANGOON?"

It is heaven, my friend. Total pureed-crab-goodness-in-some-weird-fried-pastry-shell-thing heaven.

Because of our close proximity to the Ozarks, we tend to deep fry everything before putting it into our mouths.

I'm a bit nervous because of the old "the camera adds ten pounds" theory. Um, could like the camera be so kind as to possibly add five of those pounds to my butt and divide the rest between my boobs? THAT WOULD ROCK, THANKS. The Twins shrank a bit after Ewan's birth and things just ain't the same. More on that later.


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