How to trap a man


So apparently some in mandom are mad. Not just mad but MAD! CAVEMAN MAD! I'm kidding. There were a few generally nice fellows who wrote but you've got to have those few turds in the punchbowl simply for cosmic balance. FYI:I love men and I adore my husband - hi! Have YOU READ THIS WEBSITE? Men are awesome creatures! They can open jars without even trying! Chris also wants for nothing, he wants for nothing frequently. It's funny that you can write one column joking about the differences, the scientific, documented differences between the male/female sex drive and immediately those not getting laid enough start throwing stones. Next time read more before deciding that I'm an expletive deleted. If you still think I'm an expletive deleted after that, MORE POWER TO YOU. Others just might agree with you.

What's sad is that many male, armchair psychologists wrote to caustically analyze the female mind, but 99% of them did it while denigrating females. Wait - and I'm a male-basher? I want to amend my columns on feminism and "The War Against Boys" to NOT include THOSE DUDES. One of them demonstrated (my 2c in brackets) both the reason women become "feminists" and why grammar-check was invented with this sweet talk, excerpted here:

Dana, You have proven the stereotype image of blondes [sic] being the bimbos of the female specie, to be completely untrue. Do you actually receive pay for spewing out such nonsensical sexist tripe? [Yeah I do, ain't it rad?] Humor: Women don't fart? If that were to be true; do you have any idea why this phenomena could exist? [Global warming? Are you kidding me?] Might it be that "women" don't keep their mouths shut long enough to build-up sufficient pressure? [That's actually really funny.] In my opinion (everybody has one), you are a closet feminist who has somehow lured a gullible male into marriage. And then sealed his fate by having children. [Me? A feminist? Somewhere at this point I'm positive that Jaelithe is going to jump in, in CAPS. This is also where I decide to rename this post How to Trap a Man. You know, because we can just get knocked up ALL BY OURSELVES. It's like MAGIC!]

Allow me to offer an example of just how self-holy (and tunnel-visioned) a woman can be. [Big long superfluous story about how he left some woman for shooting a snot rocket at him.]
Why is it that society, and the male populace within that mix, has grown so accepting of endless male-bashing? [Wait, you can rip on women but when I talk about men it's "male-bashing?" Whatever. Eat a fart.] It must be a truly satisfying sport for those of you who live guilt and transgression free ... I have occupied this planet long enough to remember the "women's rights" movement from early on. Women resented being characterized as citizens of some third class collectivity. It was/is called "sexist" and Chauvinistic. So much so, that the term "Chauvinist" has become a label only attributable to the male of our specie.

Why do men continue to soak up women's continual whining? I can only surmise it is because we consider trying to enlighten our "sisters" to what should be common sense, fair play, equal consideration, and cooperative effort, to be as fruitless as attempting to pump sunlight down a gopher hole. Possibly the reason you allowed you S.O. to impregnate you (and you are planning more) is the tried and provably effective rationale of making it too expensive for him to leave. [Wasn't he just talking about "chauvinism? Again, HE DONE FOUND ME OUT! Not because I want to have more kids with the man I love, but to TRAP HIM? Awesome!]
Coincidently; I am co-happily married to a wonderful woman. She is a rare example of the women of today. And THAT is why I stay. [Is she a zombie?]
Oh; and she can fart!!
Yeh; I said that.

[Uh, ok ... ?]
Raymond M. Darrow

Men like this make me appreciate my own awesome husband that much more.

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