The Loesch household is now operating WiFi which means I partially wrote this entry while sitting on the toilet. Whether or not you believe that's true, I'll leave up to you. I got a new laptop the other day after saving my blogging money. A much needed laptop because my desktop's hard drive is chock full. I did not buy a Mac because I wasn't ready to drop that amount of cash and exchange speed for style. (Please don't come and kill me, Mac people.)

I am endlessly fascinated by all of the places from which I can now compute. My front porch! The bed! Places other than my house! We're treating the laptop - Jerry, Jerry the Laptop; named by Liam who told me that he wanted a dog and wanted to name it "Jerry Dog," but as his allergies won't yet allow furry pets, he's given his favorite name to the computer - like the boys' little brother. The little brother that doesn't crap his pants, pick his nose, or bite other children. I think he looks like Chris.

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