Now Operating at Level Four Fancy - One Level Below Thetan


The level of fancy in this house was just raised by three. As of today I am coming to you via DSL. Many of you may be shocked to learn that I did everything I do on ... DUM DUM DUM! ... dial up. All of my posts, the massive quantities of Flickr uploads, all of it on po-dunk dial-up because for far too long the sweet, gentle goodness of DSL was denied to my area. That might have had something to do with some of my neighbors showing more interest in crushing Natty Lite cans - not to recycle, but in driveway drinking contests - than technology, but what can be said for those whose technological astuteness matches that of a cow paddy? If I sound inordinately snooty it's because they KEEP MOWING WAY OVER ON OUR SIDE OF THE LAWN.


Really, I love you. And I'm not just saying this because my picture is in the paper and it was delivered onto at least nine of the driveways in my general vicinity which means that you'll find my website now and everyone in my mother's address book called her because of it.

So if I occasionally emit tiny little typed gasps, it's not because Chris swung in for a nooner, it's because the page loaded THAT fast.

In other news, Ewan gleefully flung the contents of a soft taco all over the kitchen last night because tacos were apparently made for throwing. He also learned how to say "SHUT UP!" mimicking his big brother who mimics their older cousin. So when I rhetorically ask him if he needs a clean diaper he replies "SHUT UP!"

"Are you hungry?"


"It's time for nite-nite."


"We don't say 'shut up.'"


"Do you want to play in the street?"


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