That's a wrap


(L-R) Me, Amy (another local), Tony, Brandon (show host), Scott (another local).

You may have read; yesterday we wrapped filming at Milo's Bocce Garden. I've never been a big bar person because I am such an embarrassing lightweight - which Chris totally appreciates - but I can see myself visiting Milo's often. That and I am determined, some would say obsessed, with improving my skillz at Bocce ball.

The crew.

I was really apprehensive when we first started filming because I wasn't quite sure what angle the producers were going for with the show. They made a point not to be touristy and they really worked hard to take their audience off the beaten path and introduce them to not only different areas of the city, but also to the places that make those areas what they are. As a result of doing this show, I feel like I've expanded my knowledge and understanding of my own city. I appreciate it more after looking at it through the eyes of people who've never known it before. I've always said that St. Louis has such a great community spirit but after talking to Joe and witnessing the locals come out in droves for the Bocce tournament at Milo's, I was grateful to see it in action. The people who live here are devoted to cultivating and maintaining family and community ties. We're not a cow town, we're not just a few buildings flung onto the golden plains between the legs of the Arch and by the Mississippi; we're a carefully executed community. We're diverse in every way with a rich culture and history. We bridge the divide between progress and tradition and that's what gives us our spirit. Thanks to the folks at Follow and Fine Living for giving us the chance to show it.

Clicky for the photo set. Catch Brandon on the air this afternoon around 1p.m. with Scott on The Point.

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