The one where Joe Edwards served me root beer


I've hardly had a chance to breathe all weekend. I've taken a slew of photos, some of which I hope to finish uploading by tonight. Saturday we dove into the belly of the Ozarks for my family reunion. Yesterday's shoot took about six hours, four of which were spent at the U City Loop. I met up with the two other locals at Crown Candy Kitchen, Scott Rizzuto who deejays at The Point; and a PR woman - who looks exactly like Kristin Chenoweth - from a children's charity. We crammed into a tiny booth with the show host, Brandon, after he put makeup on Scott to make him man-pretty for the camera, and shot the opening scene for the episode. Scott and the-girl-who-looks-like-Kristin Chenoweth are used to speaking on air; me, not so much. My keyboard is my buffer between me and the world and there's a certain solace in that. I had to hurry up and turn it on to match their enthusiasm.

Later that afternoon we hit the Loop. Brandon and I were filmed traipsing up and down the sidewalks while the swanky adults, collegiate hipsters and stinky hippies stared. THERE WERE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. At first I felt very self-conscious about the whole thing but followed Brandon's lead and got over it. We filmed at Blueberry Hill, Riddles' wine bar, and the Tivoli. Side shots without us are to include Donnaland and Vintage Vinyl, the Amoeba Records of the Midwest.

The dialogue was quasi-scripted; I was showing Brandon around my city and the content had to reflect that. Except one of my lines was "Hi, I'm Dana! And I'm going to show you a little thang called the St. Louis Loop!"

The producers actually wanted me to say "thang" which wasn't scary, the scary part is that I sometimes do say "thang." They shot Brandon and I walking into Riddles' a frillion times; we had to re-shoot many of the outside scenes because of noises from buses, huge motorcycle gangs, drunks, and outright hoosiers who would do something to disrupt the shots THANK YOU, I WAS IN HEELS.

We visited Riddles' so to give Brandon a taste of local Missouri wine because NO. We are not just beer country here. Missouri wines are traditionally uber sweet, which didn't jive too well with the dry preference of the New York crew. After the bartender poured our glasses the producer whisked them away because they had to get another shot of the wine being presented and poured but all I kept thinking was THEY TOOK THE WINE AWAY.

We filmed inside the Tivoli; the crowning scene was shot back at Blueberry Hill where we met up with Joe Edwards, the man who pretty much rebuilt Delmar. Joe was in the shot and talked a bit about the Loop's revitalization and then HE SERVED US ROOT BEER AND HAMBURGERS. Joe Edwards, the man who knows Chuck Berry, the man who, like, OWNS Delmar, served! Us! Food! Joe is one of the nicest, most unassuming people I've ever met. And looked very fit and tan.

We finish shooting at a different location tonight. It's a half-hour show and because of such there's only so much they can use. The St. Louis episode is nine of 13 total episodes, which begin airing on Fine Living this September.

Also, I have a whole new respect for cameramen and boom operators.

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