Still not pregnant


VBS ran late last night and I am exhausted. Ewan ate some Play-doh, Liam sassed me and I gave him my "BRING IT" look, something odd happened which I'll discuss if and when it pans out; and something happened involving a friend which both angered me and hurt my feelings. I will elaborate when enough time has passed to act as a filter between my brain and my hands at the keyboard. I've been thinking about it all night and for most of today, which sucks, as my writing can be so acutely tied to my emotions sometimes, it was a little harder than usual to finish a humor column. I can't be all ha ha! with the funny if I'm scowling inside.

Plus, I had about twenty-hundred people e-mail to ask if I was knocked up, when was I due, did I think it was a girl, YEAY! Including my friend Sarah who read the comments and thought you all knew something before she did and she was wet-hen MAD. (Hilarious!) Especially since I was a total butthat and announced my last pregnancy on my old, old blog which was set on fire and destroyed, though I saved a few choice posts and imported them to MT. So if nature takes its hot, steamy course in the distant future and I have anything to announce, like the impending arrival of quintuplet boys because let's face it, we all know THAT'S WHAT I WILL HAVE, you'll know immediately because I totally suck at secrets.

Also, Jessica Alba was in town last night and our friend Chris filmed her and he totally got to shoot her in lingerie. I know what you're thinking: They're shooting a movie in St. Louis?!

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