Bass = kicked


Hi! Did you miss me?

At some point last night a storm of very technical things beyond my technical intellectual capacity occurred to my good friend M's server (who's been gracious enough to host me these past four-plus years) which completely killed it, the backup systems, and lost all of my data. Non-retrievable. Four-plus years of data. Including some of my letters to the boys on their birthdays. Comments. Everything gone. There is only a teeny shred of hope that we can retrieve anything. So I'm building back up from scratch and Google cache. It will take some time; plze haz pashince, thx. I'm literally retrieving my archives from Google Reader and the Wayback Machine. New design, et al. will come later.

Things are going to be weird around here for a bit but we're working hard to put it back to normal. "We" being me and other people who felt sorry for me when I freaked out, cried, and my hands went numb.

Thank you to everyone helping, especial thanks to M who is having a nervous breakdown along with me because he lost even more than I did.

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