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I was up until 2 a.m. last night restoring my archives. It's going to be a long process. Fortunately, many of you had my archives in your feed readers and two lovely ladies in particular have pretty much my total archives combined. Thanks to everyone who's helped; Martin for his help through the years and Craig for totally bailing my arse out last night and doing the majority of what you're looking at here. He can bend CSS like those kids in the "Matrix" bend spoons. I cannot thank you guys enough.

It's an excellent opportunity to weed through my archives and remove the junk. I'm not kidding myself; after four-plus years I know there's been junk. I'm also in the process of rewriting every single one of my columns. I recently discovered that my former employer is selling archived copies of my columns. In order to write for that employer you pretty much have to sell your soul, which is what I did, like an idiot, because I was under the ridiculous assumption that only a byline gives a person credibility when really, it doesn't. It's ironic. I know not every one of those columns were winners, either, and to make up for that I've started rewriting the topics, so as not to plagiarize myself, and will be offering better versions here on my website for free. Look for that in the coming weeks.

We're still working on this site and things are going to change and things may look funky from time to time so please still with the pashince. Comments should be in working order again. If you notice any problems please let me know: mamalogues at yahoo dot com. 


Yeah, we were planning a re-design anyway. This just kicks me in my lazy buttocks to get to it. I wanted to make sure we had SOME version of the site up and running last night.

Information takes priority over design, though the basic MT designs are nice and clean and fine in the mean time. Stay tuned, peeps!

Wow what an ordeal- wishing you all the best.

I like the new page set up with the sidebars to the right - very clean look and easier on the eyes for reading the entry :) See, even what seems like the worst makes things better!

what. i make one trip to DC this weekend and what did i miss? ok, sounds like a lot has happened on / to mamalogues.
i like the look. good luck and i hope you get everything back together.

Well, that explains the RSS explosion. Good luck with the retrieval and fixing process.

Being your friend is always an adventure, but I'm always glad to help.

Happy to see the site start building back up; it was like losing a good friend last night when it was basically empty. For you, I know, it was even worse. Let me know if you need help copying/pasting or anything else.

And just a note to tell you, as you go back through YOUR OWN COLUMNS, that I loved the one about your love for your minivan.

Please don't junk the Wal-Mart one, or the one about the mom meeting with cloth diapers and birkenstocks. Or the one with the frog under the sofa. Those are my bad mood medicine.

Oh thank goodness! I was going crazy looking for my Mamalogues fix! I go ape$&%t if I lose just 5 minutes of work. I can't imagine 4+ years!

I'm stressed for you!

Personally, though, I'd probably move on from the old columns at the local paper. They were in general pretty awesome, but why re-visit? Everyday is a new adventure with new ideas. You'll drive yourself nuts trying to "perfect" the past. There's no end to that task!

Also, I'd say having the old place "own" the columns is not really that onerous. If you are working for a corporation, your work does belong to them, in general. It's the same in most lines of work. If a guy on an assembly line builds a car, it's not his car. If I (an engineer) invent a new device for my company, it's not my device, either.

Here's what you have to make up for this "ownership", though. You have the ability to make new material using the same voice and style. The corporation loses that when you leave. You can make more, they can't make more Dana!

Oh Oh Oh Oh! (jumping up and down and raising my hand)

While we're talking about favorite columns, my favorite thing you ever wrote, in the humor department, wasn't on the "other" place, it was on

My favorite is the story of you falling down your steps in the new house. Ever since, if someone in my family trips or has some kind of accident, the rest of us all scream at the top of our lungs, "ARE YOU GOING TO SLEEP, NOW????"

Ah, the memories...

Glad to see you are piecing things back together. I felt so bad I made an LOLdog on flickr for you.

Whew! Thank goodness you are back! Can't be without my fix for long, and gotta see "cheeks". Dana, I love all the posts, but for goodness sakes you gotta get Satan Pants back up. And the one when "Cheeks" had the flu...(the picture with it, I'll never forget it..true image of the love and pain of motherhood)..the Birthday letters, great to read when Steel Magnolias is not on tv, and the showdown in Target with the Pj's...I gotta stop. Glad you are back!!!!

I am glad you are back...I was worried for awhile there....A friend of mine had a blog that disappeared so she had to start from scratch. Luckily for her, she printed all of her entries. Perhaps something to think about...

Satan Pants!!!! That's the one I was talking about with the cloth diapers and birkenstocks. Man that was bugging me. Thanks Amy!

As long as we're requesting favorite posts to keep you from trashing, there was one you wrote about having breakfast at McDonalds with Chris and the boys one morning and Liam said something funny about an older gentleman. Then there was something in it about a rollercoaster.

Heh. I had your archives saved, but clearly it's been awhile since I've read through them.

Oh, and keep the one where you call the Diaper Genie contents a "crap necklace." Bwah ha hahahahahahaha.

Gravy and Things, the letters to Wal Mart management. Traffic school. Satan Pants - gawd, that's good stuff. Anything about your 3-teeth neighbors, "we do not disclose the URL," love for the minivan.

Please keep Trebuchet-FLING!

Glad you're back.

I was worried your home in Soulard had some earthquake damage...But I think this may be worse. One simple word and it's not 'plastics'....'Backups'

Ewan should be a source of comedy for a long time to come. We were watching Liam play some Mario game and Ewan ran up to me and shouted at the top of his lungs, something about a "SPIDER ROBOT!" And lo, one appeared in the game.

Also Liam was in disbelief when I told him that video games in my day only had ONE button.

Dana's got material forever.

I'd be tearing my hair out if I had to rebuild my site from scratch. Mad props.


Wow! My heart went out to you as I watched that disaster unfold on Twitter last night. I've had a website for NINE YEARS. (Which is, what, 900 in Internet years? :) Though the only thing on it right now is a silly Vehicle Voltron fan page and I haven't touched it since 2005, I take a lot of pride in it. World Events Productions, the STL-based company that produces Voltron (that I personally visited once or twice to pick up videos when I still lived in STL), even has me listed on their website. WOO-HOO! I'd be pretty upset too if everything disappeared forever. I learned the hard way several years ago not to leave my content entirely in the hands of someone else (and that's NOT a slam against your host; it's just not a good idea even in the best of conditions). My first host was a free service that was all right at first, but then they added popup ads that took forever to load (yes, even for dial-up). When they started having chronic outages and I only got error messages in response to my emails, I moved on to my second host. I had to pay for that one, but there were no ads - ESPECIALLY popup ads, and it was a lot more reliable. Unfortunately, it turned out that the co-owners of that host were crooks and just general butthats. One day one of them apparently lost his mind and shut everything down without warning. After more than a year out of commission, my buddy Danny graciously let me temporarily host my pages on his Charter account. Finally after moving to Nashville I went with Network Solutions (you know, the people that hand out domain names). I figured they *might* be one of my best options. Through it all I always had copies of all my pages on my PC, so whenever something went south all I had to do was re-publish everything. I'm surprised that you didn't at least have the letters to your boys printed out or saved on your PC, but don't beat yourself up over that. Most of us, myself included, don't always have the best backup habits. I'm sure the words were backed up in your heart, anyway. :) I'm afraid I'm fairly ignorant about blogging (I know; GET WITH IT ALREADY, BCoG), but does MT give you the option of saving your posts locally to your PC when you publish? Might be something to consider that could minimize the damage whenever crap inevitably happens.

Now, for columns and posts I'd like to see survive:

From that ex-employer:
* Marital relations. One of my all-time faves.
* The one were the lady opened the bathroom stall door on you and you told Liam, "SHUT THE DOOR, FIRSTBORN!" Another all-time fave.
* BRING IT! The battle for household control. The one where you and Chris battle about how to load the dishwasher and fold towels and such.
* The ones about the "Boys suck" T-shirts and "Mama Hirschman."
* The one where you wrote, "Dudes! I'm giving you pointers! Cut and paste!" Yet another fave. Believe me, I need all the help I can get. :)

From your blog:
* Strange Suit (the one where one night when Chris left on business and you joked that he might come home to see you hanging in a closet). The picture on that post never worked, so I never knew what the sign you wrote said.
* The bi-annual CRAZY awards. (Did you really mean bi-annual? I have to have TWO YEARS for the next round?? Are you sure you didn't mean semi-annual? In which case you're overdue for another one. ;)
* The one where Chris "had his period" when you listed his desk on FreeCycle.
* The one where you tried to FreeCycle an old couch and you had a hilarious back-and-forth with the prospective taker.
* The Hot-Tar Roofin' Argument

Aw, heck. I guess I better make a list and email it to you. And there are SO many Pop Mama posts I'd like to see again but since your ex-employer exorcised them I guess they're gone forever. :(

And what the heck, I'll include a link to my site for once. I know you're not a fan of anime, and it gets kinda wordy at times (kinda like this comment ;), but maybe you'll get a much-needed chuckle or two out of it.

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