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If my children's voices were respective to the size of their mouths, they'd share a physical trait with Mick Jagger. I can't fault them, they come by it honest. Their poor mother isn't much different. When I was in Jersey Chris sent me this Centro video of the kids in Sam's. Sam's is the first place Chris heads in my absence and the first place he'd head in the event of any natural disaster. I think Sam's hid a man-beacon in their store somewhere because whenever Chris drives and we pass the building on the highway I have to tug at the wheel to prevent him from careening off the road towards it. I came home from Jersey and we had like six pounds of pretzels, a pound of paper towels; the kids were building a fort with mass amounts of toilet paper, and we had new DVDs.

I got this video while I was checking out my hotel room. It was like I was right there shopping for mass quantities with them. Sniffle.


I travel out of the country several times a year, and my kids always fill my luggage with notes and pictures.

It always brings tears to my eyes!

I'm happy to report that the "play it again" button is working just fine. I've hit it at least 100 times, and it's working great :-) You should be so proud of all three of those boys :-)

TOO Cute...
Love flickr video btw


They are so doggone sweet!!!!

Awww, too sweet. When I travelled, Maddy would leave me notes and pictures in my luggage. She still puts them in my purse or makeup bag every once in a while. I put one in her lunch box this morning.

And if there was a natural disaster I'd go to Sam's too. Where else would there be mass quantities of necessities, such as cheese balls, oreos and beer?

That's priceless. Congratulations on having such a loving family.

What the video didn't show was how much the daddy missed the mommy...

Oh, they are just adorable!!!

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