Some things I'm loving

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- Anything from Irene Suchocki, particularly this print and this print, and this print. I have a sort of Tim Burton/Marie Antoinette aesthetic and the I love the haunting and beautiful quality of her pieces. I could fill my entire house with them. Hers will be my first art purchase online.

- Holly McCraig designs and photography. I've written about her design company before and then my entries were wiped out (but will be restored! Turns out we can get them off the server!). I love the color and wit in her photos; some of her work is slightly southern gothic/Americana to me which I love, love, love. I especially like this photo and this photo. I don't scrapbook, but I would totally use her scrapbook designs to embellish framed photos.

- Simply Thai in Florissant, seriously the best Thai food I've ever eaten.

- My very good friend Nicky's food blog, Fud or Something Like It. She's a wonderful cook, baker, and seamstress and she made my kids these art bags and pillowcases for Liam's birthday:

- Sia. I heard "The Girl You Lost" on some gossip site and promptly bought her whole album on iTunes. My favorite song by her is "Buttons" which you can hear (or watch) here. Here's "The Girl You Lost:"

(Don't forget, today is the last day for the Wii contest!) Sorry, contest is now closed! Winner will be announced after Memorial Day weekend on Tuesday, May 27th.


Now I'm loving Holly McCaig too.
She is, in a word, fabulous.

I love it when you post about music and art. It gives me new things to look for! (That goes for all you other bloggers, too. Hint. Hint.)

Thanks for the Thai recommendation! I wish there was something out in St. Charles County..I have been craving that spicy peanut sauce over spring rolls for a month now. I bought some at the grocery store, but it's not the same.

Thai Kitchen out in St. Peters.....not sure of the address....but great food!

Been reading your blog and admiring your taate in all things. The fact that you love Sia was the impetus for my having tp comment! Her other cd was amazing as well. And if you haven't doen so---take a look at her story. Strong and very talented women rule!:)Have a wonderful long weekend.

Oooh thank you for the Suchocki link. I am smitten.

I hope if you really wanted one of these, you got it! According the website, 2 of the 3 sold out the day after your post. I wonder if the two are related?

I actually like the last one (with the trees) the best.

The art bags are darling!

Oh and congrats to Ranken Jordan for the Wii win!

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