The best pick-up line ever

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A friend of ours whose in-laws work with Energizer recently gave us his-and-hers gift bags full of trimmers, razors, and other cosmetic things. Chris is fascinated by gadgets, no matter how small or for what purpose. While I watched television he disappeared into the kitchen bathroom and I heard the small "reuuuuuuurr" of tiny machinery. He reappeared some time later, walked up to me and smiled.

"Notice anything different?" he asked, raising and lowering his eyebrows repeatedly.

"Um ...?"

I just trimmed my nostril hair. Electronically." 


LOL...he is such a

Wow. You two really know how to keep the magic alive. :)

This reminds me of a guy I used to work with that didn't trim his nose hairs. He looked like Hitler - but didn't have a moustache. No-one ever figured out a tactful way to bring it up. Maybe a free trimmer would have been the key?

Well... He's just validated why us chicks call him "The Sexy."

Um...yeah.....tell him to keep away from eyebrows. Just this morning I blogged about the fun of electronic personal hair removal DISASTERS.

test test smooch smooch

Grroowwll! This did make you realize how lucky you are...right? ha ha

and then you jumped his bones? LOL

First the nose hairs. Next it'll be the scrotal region. Now, that's sexy!

I bought my husband a Wahl trimmer (good for sideburn/eyebrow trimming as well as nose/ear hair) for Christmas and he loves the thing. At least I don't have to tell him anymore he has hair in weird places on his head -- he likes zapping it himself. Ever notice the Grandpas that don't trim? Now that's gross!

Trimming anything electronically is OK. If you want to be really cool, you use explosives.

Hilarious! Isn't it great when they're self aware enough you don't have to tell them? I love that.

I saw an episode of King of Queens where Carrie dressed up sexy and acted like she was going to make their night very "special" all so she could tweeze something between Doug's brows, it was hilarious.

LOL. That is fabulous. I was concerned at first thinking eyebrows, whew.
Then I started thinking, could you trim ear hair that way?

Now that is what I call Seeexy. Sounds like something my husband would do. That is too funny.

Oh how fun! I can see one of my kids doing that!

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