Turkeys gone wild

I am so aggravated with my POS Dell at the moment that I need to take the rest of the day and relax. Email is piling up and I have no intention of going through it until at least tonight. In the meantime:

1. I'm discussing my favorite television show, David Lynch's "Twin Peaks," over at Mamapop. Go forth and check it out.

2. If you're free this Saturday evening myself and some of my contemporaries are speaking over at the Midwest Media Conference. I propose a game wherein you have to do a shot of Wild Turkey every time Bill Streeter says "vlog." (Responsibly, of course!)

3. A few months ago photographer Jonathan Pollack wrote and asked if I was interested in doing a photography trade for a mention. I wasn't able to, but suggested Kim and her daughter instead and the results are beautiful. Take a moment to check out Jonathan's gallery (type KimandMaddy in the box at the bottom). Best of all, he's Photoshop-free, which speaks loads about his skill behind the lens. Thanks a bunch Jonathan, you rock!

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