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Just to preface, the general rule of house is that I don't do product reviews. I just don't. In the four-plus years I've blogged I've only written three of them and it was because the product was too big and cool to refuse. This is one of those times.

Read the rest here and find out how to win a free Wii ...
**Contest is now closed! Thanks for participating; the winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 27th!** (I nearly forgot that Monday was Memorial Day.)


Sorry - but I lost a couple of comments when I made this a static page entry so as not to conflict with my ad network. Could those people who commented but don't see theirs posted please do so again? Thanks!

Also, I'm nominating the two women who lead my son's homeschool group. One has a disabled son and doesn't have the resources to purchase such a gaming system.

Hi Dana! I would like to nominate my wonderful hard-working hubby for the Wii. We have four kids, with another on the way. My husband works two jobs so I can stay home with the kiddoes, he loves his work and doesn't complain. The past couple of years have been hard for us. In September 2006, when our youngest was just two months old, my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. He had major surgery to remove the tumor on his pancreas, and after one complication he recovered fully from it. Then in December he was back in the hospital and we found out that the cancer was back so we have been dealing with that and his diabetes that has been out of whack due to the cancer. One thing that he likes to do when he is not working is play on his playstation, but two weeks ago we had to bid a sad farewell to the system because it died. I think our whole family would enjoy the Wii, especially the new fitness game, because we really do need to get into shape (besides round)and like you don't have the time, or money, to invest into a membership at a gym or the Y. I know that he would enjoy the Wii, and would be very thankful and surprised!

Thanks for reading, and good luck to all the participating entries!

Oh good, because I wanted to take off my comment anyway, after further thought.

I suggest a daycare or women's shelter. Or your suggestion of the homeschool group.

I was just talking to my friend Rachel about getting fit. We joked about reaching deep in the purse to buy an exercise ball. Rachel is a pretty cool chick. Meeting just this past November we already joke that we were separated at birth. Rachel works at home, at a job that just pays for the groceries, while raising her two kids. If I said she was in need she'd probably shake her head no. I like to say they spend their money wisely blood so buying a Wii doesn't fit in their budget.
Last January Rachel had to go out of town on business, her first time leaving the kids for more then just overnight. When she returned home she developed a serious cough, two trips to the emergency room and they found a clot on her lung. She spend a week in the hospital. Now she is on the road to recovery, she still has to have regular blood check-ups and is on medicine. Now she is ready to start getting back to her fighting form and a Wii would be so awesome for her!
Thank you Dana for this awesome opportunity to share my "sister's" story.

I would like to nominate NoMiniMom (http://nominivan.com/blog/). She recently had a baby and is currently home on maternity leave--meaning she would probably LOVE to work out with a Wii, but not far away from the wee. Her husband is a SAHD, and her son (the four year old, not the infant) would really benefit from having access to the Wii game console, as Nintendo offers quite a few educational possibilities for the young gamers! (Wow. Despite the tone, this comment was not brought to you by the makers of Nintendo.)

I'd like to nominate my mom and sister. Both are trying to lose weight. Money is tight for them since Dad died last year. WII Fit is something that neither of them would ever think to buy. But I bet they'd have fun with it given the chance.

I'd love to nominate my friend, Toni. She has been working to lose weight for a long time and it has been complicated by a condition she has (pseudotumor cerebri). It's basically a buildup of spinal fluid on the brain. She had a shunt put in a while back which is really helping her to get around more, and she's made progress with the weight loss, but still needs to lose more than 100 pounds. She and her husband are also fixing up their house which was severely damaged by flooding a few years ago. They are doing the work themselves as money and time permits so there is really nothing left for extras. She and her daughter, who she homeschools, have been getting into workouts with videos, but something like a Wii could be a really big boost to their routine.

My husband got me a Wii & Wii Fit for Mother's Day. He's awesome.

So, I'd like to nominate my friend Melanie (who I'm guessing will promptly kick my ass for putting her on here) to win this Wii. She's one of my favorite people ever. She's an amazing mom to her two young kids, a social worker who works with the elderly, and I know she would get a lot of use out of this. Her husband works a lot of evenings & this would give her a way to work out at home.

She's the type of person everyone wishes she had as a friend: loyal, encouraging, always has an open door, ready to bring you food when you're sick or offer you a drink after a rough day. She's the first to offer to pray for you (and you know she really does) & she's just a lot of fun to be with.

I would like to nominate my girlfriend, Sandy. We both were recently laid off and are having a rough time finding jobs. After being laid off, she went to the doc and found out she has hyperthyroidism, she also has 2 young girls (3 and 6) who are the most beautiful little girls. On top of all that, her *** of an ex who never wanted the girls (and has actually said "I don't want you" to the oldest), never worked a job, and never did anything for his girls... wants HER to pay him child support and joint custody.

I know you said keep it short but, there is just so much that has gone wrong for her lately that a surprise like this would be great for her and the girls.

Thanks for your consideration,


(trying to submit for the 5x... also sent e-mail as previous attempts have not worked)

Hi Dana. I would like to nominate my friend Zack. He is recovering from Guillain Barre Syndrome. Zack was diagnosed 10/25/07. After 41 days in the ICU and PICRU he battled back from critical condition and was moved to The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis. His stay there was short due to insurance. The family's insurance has also seriously limited his physical therapy visits. Zack is a very determined individual fighting to recover for his wife and two boys. I don't know if this game would help his recovery or not. But if nothing else it would provide the family some valuable destress time. Zack is the founding pastor of a church dedicated to helping people have second chances in their life and help them to reconnect with Christ. I believe it was a little less than a year before his diagnosis that the family unexpectantly lost Zack's mother. That combined with his illness has been especially difficult for their two boys. His wife Kristin has been one of my friends since childhood and I know where she has found her strength through all this but her abilitiy to keep it all together has astounded me. This is truely a remarkable family and I would like to see them recieve this game. Like I said, hopefully it would help in his recovery but if nothing else it will provide some valuable family time. Please see the url I listed for more information this family's whole experience with Guillain Barre Syndrome.

I would actually like to nominate my husband, regardless of the fact that he lives in my same household (dur).

As some may know, I went into super-family-necessary-NOW mode a year or so ago and announced that I wanted to foster children. Or adopt. Or do both. My husband who has always put up with my zany ideas cautioned me to slow down and use good judgement but still allowed me to drag him to foster and adoptive classes, allow strangers into all aspects of our life and house, and grudgingly agreed that this was a good idea.

Two years later (almost to the DAY) we now have three special needs children living in our home, ages 8, 7, and 5. We have no credit to our names after using all of our means to get the boys into our home, work completely opposite shifts so that there's always someone home with the children as much as possible, and do almost 200 miles a day in our car with the commute to both of our jobs and all of the boys' trips to doctors/counselors/therapists/behaviorists, etc. All three of our children are considered behavioral--they've been kicked out of daycare, suspended multiple times, hospitalized for behaviors and still my husband is home each night with them and keeps his cool. He provides an example to our boys each day of how a real man and father should behave.

The other thing most people don't know about my husband is that he's legally blind. Yes, he can see well enough to play video games (which are his secret passion, thus the desire for Wii!), read books, do some pretty basic things, but he can't see well enough to pass the drive test and never will without a double cornea transplant. My husband gets up every morning at 3:30 and we leave the house by 4:30 to get him to work by 5am. He has to wait until either I or the babysitter can swing by to pick him up and he does it all without complaint. He comes home and 4 out of 7 nights of the week cooks dinner, takes care of the kids and their homework/therapist/tantrums, and gets them to bed.

My husband is my hero. He deserves something that will make him happy and that will allow him a chance to still be physical (he can't play tennis or bowl anymore--he can't see the ball or pins well enough) even though we can't afford it.

I think it is great that you are willing to give a Wii away! I would love for you to consider us! We have started a fitness group at church and presently have free exercise classes on Saturday's (feel free to join us!) But, it would be wonderful if we had this Wii at church so everyone can take turns using it in our program (not to mention what the youth group would do!).

Keep up the good work!
Pastor Jonique

Are we allowed to nominate ourselves? If so, we (Wii?) would love this.

We're in the midst of a move, and more than a little sad about having to leave St. Louis and all our friends and family. The short story is that my husband left to start his new job the day after Thanksgiving. I stayed here with the kids so they could finish the school year and get the house ready to sell. He's been able to come home only every three weeks or so due to gas costs and work obligations.

This would be a wonderful thing to help us re-connect as a family again and to help the kids make new friends. With only one income, a house to sell, a new house to pay for, and all the moving expenses, we don't have time and money for gym memberships, etc. And I'm hypothyroid, so I struggle constantly with weight. I gain ten pounds just thinking about food, I swear.

No matter who you choose, thanks for doing this. You could have sold it on eBay or something but instead you chose to make someone really happy, and that's a really nice thing.

I love that you are giving a Wii away to someone deserving. Thank you for asking for nominations from your readers.

I would like to nominate my friend Faye who is one of the most selfless and caring individuals I have ever met. In the face of one curveball after another in life, she approaches life with grace, poise and a positive outlook. Her husband was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia in 1996. He went through intensive chemo which seemed to positively help the situation. This chemo was experimental, but the only chance he had. Not less than a year after being diagnosed, he lost feeling in his legs all the way up through his waist. So add permanent paralysis to the list of growing health issues and now their life was altered in a way never before imagined. While working full-time as a dedicated teacher throughout this entire ordeal, she has been his constant caretaker and champion - and the health problems related to the paralysis have multiplied exponentially, unfortunately. Both she and her husband are living gracefully with these limitations and they are grateful for each day. As I write this, her husband has just been in ICU fighting a toxic infection and subsequent heart attack. I often ask myself will they ever get a break? I have know Faye for 30 years now, since she taught me to swim at summer camp in STL when I was 5 years old. She was always extremely active and loved to exercise, it was her release. Obviously there are now other priorities in her life and getting to a gym is not possible. I know she exercises at home when she can and using this Wii could be a great way to give herself some serenity when her days are so often filled with chaos and uncertainty. It could also be a glimmer of sunshine during a difficult period.

As her friend I wish I could do more for her. She has my constant admiration and I am in awe of how she lives her life which is difficult at best on most days. I am honored to be able to nominate her for this gift. As a longtime reader of your site, though infrequent commenter, it was a logical move to immediately go to the comments section and start writing on her behalf. My world is definitely a better place for knowing her and calling her a friend.

Thanks for reading, Dana!

Wii's are a lot of fun. Twighlight Princess, Super Smash Bros: Melee, Guitar Hero 3, and the latest Super Mario Kart are all really fun games. My son and I play ours quite a bit.

I would like to nominate my friend Tim. A few years ago he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and has since then dropped 100+lbs. Working hard on his diet and exercise, he has managed to ween himself off medication and sets an awesome example to the rest of us. Recently he has been having difficulties with his diabetes despite his efforts and has been spending a lot of time running tests at his doctor's office to find out why.

I'm glad mine was deleted too..unreal who long I sat and thought about my comment.

I LOVE the idea of donating to a church group or school.

We have a Wii and as soon as a budget allows or Christmas I want to get one of these fitness game systems. It will be a perfect way to get my booty moving.

I would like to nominate myself. My husband and I have recently decided to make the leap into parenthood. Per my doctors this leap woud be easier if I start following a fitness plan due to some health issues and resistance to the idea of fertility meds. (not that meds are bad, they are just not for me) I have already started a plan for myself, but feel the Wii would be a fun way to make sure I stay on target.

Thanks for listening.

I would like to nominate my husband to win the Wii . . . earlier in February after an emergency heart arrhythmia, he had a defibrillator placed (and he's only 35). Although his cardiologists requested that he exercise several hours a week in order to strengthen his heart muscles, that has been more of a pipe dream than a reality! After balancing work, helping me chase after our toddler while caring for our newborn (postpartum moms tire out fast!) and packing up our house so we can relocate in 6 short weeks there is just no more time in the day. Who knew a day could be so short?

My husband does so much for our family . . . it would be great for him to do something for him.

Hmm I came here to nominate Kim from Parachuting Without a Net, and then I see she has left a comment that disappeared and decided not to leave it again.

Well, if you've rescinded a self-nomination Kim, too bad. I'm still nominating you :P I know full well that all Maddy wanted for Christmas was a Wii, and you couldn't find one despite searching everywhere.

So, if Kim still hasn't managed to get a Wii for Maddy, I nominate her family.

Sheesh, though. I wish I had Wiis to give to practically everyone on this list.

Wow you will have a hard decision!

So excited to see this! I love the WII, and while I would love to have one of my own - it's not in the budget now, however, I have someone else in mind...

I have a lovely friend, a mama, she has been struggling with depression. She is quitting her job to be with her son, so I know finances with be tight. She is trying to be healthier to heal her spirit, mind and body, and I know this would be a HUGE blessing!

Hi Dana-
I am a faithful reader of your blog and your radio show. It looks like there is many people here that deserve the Wii.

I wanted to nominate my 71-year old Dad. He has emphysema and is on oxygen. He gets out of breath very easily and has to take breaks just to walk from one room to another. When we go to visit my parents, my 8-year old son wants desperately to play catch and hit some baseballs with his Grandpa and my Dad can just sit there and watch him play and not participate.

My son got a Wii from his other Grandma and took it over to show his Grandpa. My Dad loved it and was like a little kid. He and my son bowled, played baseball and he just beamed. My Mom and I had tears in our eyes because we were so thrilled to see my Dad was able to interact and play with his grandson.

I work part-time and cannot afford to buy one for him. I think it would do wonders to help with his physical rehabilitation. My Mom always stays in with my Dad and doesn't get much exercise since she is caring for him so I think they would both greatly benefit from having a Wii. Thanks for listening and for the wonderful stories that you tell about your own family. I look forward to them so much!

Heck I'd like to nominate myself.....I just turned 60 and am getting a new knee and will need it to get fit, after years of suffering the pain of a bad knee and not being able to walk again. So it would be very help ful to this old lady.....thanks, I love your blog. Your generation is so much smarter than mine was. But we led the way for you gals......Thanks.

Can one nominate themselves? I hope so - though actually, I'm more nominating my kids. I can't afford a Wii. I want one desperately for my 3 kids. We've been on our own since 2005 when I found myself suddenly a widow, and the depression put on the pounds in all but my youngest who inherited her daddy's high metabolism and refuses to share. Harumph.

I've learned in the past almost three years without him, that often it is the little things that bring smiles, and help with the sudden memory that he's not here and isn't coming back. I wish I could give my kids everything, that I could afford to simply make their wishes come true, but I can't, not yet. I am working hard to get to that point, but it is slow going.

We are doing ok, and at this point have more good days than bad - we laugh, we cry, we fight, we laugh some more as we try to remember to live like he'd have wanted us too.The gift of a WII would certainly guarantee a good day - they want one so badly they can taste it. The gift of getting fit with it, would guarantee many more days, with more possibilities of good ones.

I would like to nominate myself and my husband. We are beyond broke, we owe so much money (mostly medical bills from 2007) that we just have to laugh about it or we'll jump off the Golden Gate Bridge... We have both gained an enormous amount of weight since our daughter was born Nov. 2006. Not that she isn't the most wonderful, amazing kid in the world (she IS), but the stress of always being behind on our bills, never making enough, not being able to afford child care, my husband staying home during the day with her then working at night, it just has made us fat and aged us beyond our years. We would really enjoy being able to exercise together (or anything together for that matter!) So pick us, pick us!!!

OK, as you can see below, I was going to nominate myself, but after reading some of the other things on here, I am once again reminded that even though there are days I don't think I can make it another day, I still have 3 healthy children, which gives me everything to be thankful for. No matter how bad each one of us has it, there is always someone worse off. Thanks for that reminder!!


I am going to selfishly nominate myself for the Wii you are giving away. Sorry, but it's either this or beg someone else to nominate me, which is essentially the same thing anyway :)

I am overweight (and gaining) and desperately need to lose weight. I don't drink or smoke, so food is my stress reliever. I have heart disease in my family (I'm adopted and found my birth mother, so this is recent news to me). I am a "single" (married, but he doesn't live with us - that's another story) mom of 3 children with ADHD, working full-time for not enough money (and no child support coming in from my deadbeat ex) and do not have the time or money for the gym. A Wii would be so awesome that I can do it at night on my own.

Thanks for your consideration!!

I still need to blog about this!

You know the day after I went to your house I was in Best Buy preordering the Wii Fit. Its supposed to come in tomorrow. I didn't realize it grills you on your weight. Eeek! Like a mother indeed!

Can you nominate a second person/people?

If so, I'd like to nominate my eldest foster/preadopt child who last Friday accomplished his very FIRST perfect week at school since moving in with us! This is absolutely huge in my household as we have had several suspensions for all three children and a lot of behavioral problems at school. We are in the process of establishing an IEP for my eldest who will hopefully have it in place for next year.

We have made a deal with our child that if he can get 5 full perfect days in a row without any incidents we would buy him a video game of his choice (video games seem to be THE BIG REWARD in our household--ie: if you do all your chores, you get 10 minutes of time, eat all your veggies, get an extra 5 minutes, etc). Unfortunately I was unable to take him to GameStop over the weekend so we went lastnight. And naturally, my 8 year old picked Twilight Princess and we have no Wii. I explained the problem to him and he reminded me the agreement was ANY game. I relented and bought the game, but where in the world are we going to come up with the money for an actual Wii? Try explaining that to an autistic child, who immediately came home and tried to play said game and kept searching for how to make it play. It was a true head/wall moment.

Unfortunately with our schedules (we work opposite shifts so that there's always someone home with them), the fact my hubby can't see to drive, and then the fact that the boys' social and developmental skills are so far behind, we don't have a chance to really go many places as a family for exercise or play. We just used the last of our savings to have builders come and rebuild our fence and make it super durable and safe so that they can play outside more this summer.

Honestly, my kids have gone through a lot with this transition into our household. What would you do if you were removed from the only home you ever knew and were placed in foster care for three years? And then became attached to the foster family for all of those years, adapted, started new therapy and medications, became somewhat stable...and then had to leave that family to start all over again? I'm very proud of what all three of them have been able to do despite our setbacks and wish that I could do even more for them.

I would love this for my mom. She has recently dealt with having her slightly-crazy sister living with her for a year, which has stressed her emotionally and financially. (The crazy sister is now getting married to an also crazy loser, but that is another bizarre story.) She is also undergoing a complete hysterectomy on Tuesday. Once she recovers, the Wii Fit could help her get back into shape. She is a teacher and spends most nights grading papers and couldn't make it to the gym, even if she could afford it. Like most moms, she takes care of everyone else before herself, and I would love for her to have this. Thanks!

I would like to nominate the organization Annie's Hope. Annie's Hope is an organization who supports children who have lost a parent, sibling, grandparent or close friend. Annie's Hope provides numerous services to the children, their biggest project is Camp Courage, it is a week long overnight camp. You could check out their website at www.annieshope.org to see the numerous things they offer. They are a non-profit organization who rely on donations, grants and fundraising. With you generosity they could raffle the wii and use the proceeds to help with the costs associated with Camp Courage. Thank you for you consideration and if you know anyone who would benefit from Annie's Hope - direct them to their website, they will not be sorry to be affiliated with them.


Dana, this is awesome that you (and Nintendo) are doing this. I would like to nominate my sister. She is bipolar, and the drugs she has to take cause her to gain quite a lot of weight. Since she was always very thin before the drugs (~50 pounds lighter), this has obviously caused some self-esteem issues for her. She doesn't like to leave my mom's house much because of some social anxiety issues, so that precludes joining a gym. She likes games, and she has loved playing my Wii on visits to my place. I just bought Wii Fit myself, and I think if we became long-distance "workout buddies," she could finally lose that weight and gain back some self-confidence.

My best friend Erica.

She has been wanting to get a wii for her husband and her kids, but unfortunately life keeps getting in their way. She was recently diagnosed with heart problems, so she has to limit her daily activities and takes 10 different medications. which is hard for her because of the kids. She feels shes not as good as she was. She is only 26 years old. Doctor bills and medication every month is killing them. Their water heater busted 3 weeks ago and they had to fork out the money to fix that. The pipes under her concrete slab busted back in January, the had to fork out the money to fix that. The pipe under her sink busted, they had to get that fixed. They had to replace the wall between the kitchen sink and bathroom sink, cause the leak ruined it. Her and her husband have sacrificed so much so she can stay home with the kids. They always put their children before themselves.

She also has polycystic ovary syndrome which makes it difficult for her to loose weight. Although she has tried.

They have had a very hard few months. They really need something to give them a little hope. She is the best person I know. She has always been there when I needed her. She would give her last dollar to someone in need and has.

Girl, if you pick my sis I would be eternally grateful. It's been a rough year for her. Her husband lost his job last year so they moved cross country from Atlanta to California in hopes of a fresh start and to be by family. She didn't want to move here because of our estrangement from our parents and our mother's tendency to stalk. I'm the only family she has so they chose to move closer to her hubby's aunt so she could help watch my sister's kids while they got back on their feet. The move zapped their savings. Sadly the aunt's ovarian cancer has returned and my sis helps take her to her treatments. Her hubby found a job but they are having trouble finding a house they can afford to buy. They are struggling financially and my sis is so stressed out. She can't afford a gym membership or childcare. A Wii would be a great distraction for her family.


I'd like to nominate the kids at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Children's Hospital in St Louis to receive the Wii. When a sick or injured child is well enough to leave intensive care but too sick to go home, Ranken Jordan helps to bridge the gap in pediatric health care. Children with medical issues including brain injuries, burns, medical complications related to prematurity, neuromuscular diseases and paralysis reside and visit the hospital.

I recently attended the the Ranken Jordan prom. I got to see the kids dress up, dance, socialize and just be kids regardless of illness or injury. The teenage patients were able to participate in a "normal" high school event and reach an important milestone toward physical and emotional healing.

The Ranken Jordan facility is truly amazing, and I believe the young patients could really benefit from the Wii, not only for social reasons, but for rehabilitation and physical therapy.


I'd like to nominate my friend Lori Alyea and her five kids for the Wii Fit system. Last year, on June 1st, Lori lost her husband Mark who battled cancer for just three short months. She has five children, aged 4-15, and has done a wonderful job of homeschooling them all.

Lori is one of the most giving people I know. She frequently drops everything at home to go serve others who are in need. Prior to losing Mark, Lori was outstanding. Now, knowing what she goes through, she is truly out-of-this-world!

I don't have the words to aptly describe this whole family. But I do know that Lori loves to work out and hasn't been able to do the gym thing since her husband died - mainly because she has to be home with the kids to keep schedules running/meals out/school done. She would love to have this system - and I think the kids would get a kick out of such a gift as well.

Dana - here is the link to Mark Alyea's obituary (see the comment I sent in earlier.)

Hi. I have the PERFECT family for your Wii bundle package. It's a homeschooling family with 5 kids, ages 6 mos. on up to 10 years. The dad, Brandon, JUST completed his college education and is getting ready to take his first REAL job... as an associate pastor of his church... not exactly a big-bucks position, KWIM? Their only source of income thus far has been from the mother's side-job selling a health product called Reliv, also not a big-bucks gig. Their children do not have any sort of video game system, but I'm sure they could all benefit from something that would help them stay fit and burn off energy, too, on yucky days when they can't go outside and, especially their middle child (their only boy) who was born with a heart condition and had to have several operations as an infant.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

Many blessings! ^_^

I nominate my daughter Patreece. She has been diagnosed with Iliac Apophysitis and Yoga has been prescribed as a helpful treatment. I am a single Mom and finances are tight. Her Dad died this past July and as the 1 year anniversary of his death approaches, something like this sure would be fun for her.

After putting a lot of thought into this, I don't want to nominate anyone at this time. However, I would like to throw my support behind susanisk's idea for Ranken Jorden hospital. I think of all the nominations, that would serve the most kids with the most need.

I have the perfect person who deserves a Wii. She's my grandmother on my husband's side. She's the most caring, sensitive person I know. She will (and has) helped everyone she can. In addition to raising her biological children, she adopted two children as well as fostering countless others. Even now at the age of seventy when she doesn't get around as well as she used to, she has taken in her great-granddaughter to raise. She's the very definition of compassion. Unfortunately, life doesn't always reciprocate. Her high-school sweetheart and husband passed away last year, her adopted son's diabetes has taken a turn for the worse, and she was recently the victim of identity theft. She really is a great woman and this small gesture would make her world a bit brighter. Thanks for considering her.

I hope this isn't too forward, but I would like to nominate myself. There is no way that I could get one of these on my own. I have an almost 1 year old, and all the babyfat that goes with it. I don't want to regale you with the story of how our lives are hard, since I am already nominating myself. It's enough to know that life isn't easy for us, and probably won't be for a long time, but we are a happy family and that keeps us going. :) (fat, but going :)

My buddy and co-worker "Susan Isk" suggested I chime in here. I've had a Wii since December 2006, and it's fantastic. My wife's grandfather, who's 90 years old, bowl's at his care center each week and it's a fun way for his friends to stay active. That said, one of the places I work with is Ranken Jordan (www.rankenjordan.org). The pediatric hospital is one of only five in the country that cares for both sick and seriously injured kids regardless of their ability to pay. Due to income and insurance limitations, many children cannot receive the ongoing therapy and medical treatment that is necessary to make a full recovery. That said, I think the Wii would be perfect, just like for "Grandpa Gil" in terms of providing joy and rehab opportunities for children in need. Just a thought. I'd love to discuss more with you.

I would like to nominate my wife. Not only has she blessed me with a wonderful son, but for the past three years has worked to help put me through Seminary. Now with our 15 week old she is working part time while I am still on an internship but will return to full time once I return to school for yet another year. So for herself sacrifice for my sake I would like to see her get this Wii.

I don't know if this is acceptable but I would like to nominate myself. I was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal breast cancer. Long story short, all the surgeries, chemo and radiation has left my once young, fit body a trainwreck. No more muscle tone and too much weight gain. I've been trying to exercise using a treadmill, but it does not help with weight loss and toning up muscle. I think the wii fit would be perfect for me to try and get back to a somewhat healthier shape. I still go to chemo once a week, so I'm not able to nor can I afford a gym membership. Thank you for the great giveaway.
dcadmar (at) gmail dot com


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