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I'm in more of a mood to pervert photos in Photoshop than to write today. Yesterday was one of those days, one of those days I hadn't met in awhile, one of those days where the boys where at each other's throats, the house was a mess, I felt under-appreciated, mad, cranky, and otherwise hateful. Some people were grating my very soul from my skin and I wanted nothing more than to climb into the middle of my bed, pull the covers over my head, and close my eyes.

Usually when I have days like that I take to this website and compile a giant list of things to fling in my fantasy trebuchet. I'm still going to do that (I have a list saved for a special time) but for right now I want to be positive. Humor or observances of the daily beauty in life are wonderful remedies. As of such, whenever I feel the lake of fire lapping against my innards, I'm going to force myself to get a new perspective. Literally. With a camera. Today will be the first installment of a new photo series, A Day in the Life, which will do just that.

I started taking photos when I woke up; not as a distraction, but during our little routines, when I saw a moment and wished I could stretch its existence a little further, I'd snap a photo. I'll be updating periodically throughout the day.

Here's the set. Click to enlarge and for captions. Feel free to join in, join the newly created A Day in the Life Flickr group and post your own moments.


Too funny - I tell Maddy "wakey wakey shake and bakey." I'll try "eggs and bakey" tomorrow and see if she notices the difference.

Only you could turn laundry into art.

Taking walks helps, too! Looking through a camera viewfinder has a way of forcing you to look for what's important, too. I agree.

It's funny, some of the most positive writing and best photos I've done has come out of the most amazingly agravating times.

I don't know if anyone watches My Name Is Earl, but Earl always tells his brother "wakey, wakey, hands off snakey". Crack me up.

The movers come tomorrow. If you really want to see what my life is like today...you'll get an EYE FULL! (thejclarkfamily is my username.)

Hmm, I'm working in our Ops Center the rest of the week, maybe I'll do a photo series on night shift work.

Thanks for the flickr invite...I look forward to playing along~

so i'm not a morning person and never have been. my mom had to wake me on up christmas morning every single year-- what parent has to wake their kid on christmas!? but she'd come into my room, every morning before school, and say "rise and shine" and i swear i hate no expression more so than i do that one.

What a great idea! I'm joining in too. Thanks

Awww, sweet set of photos. I love documenting days like this, and I like seeing other's documentaries as well.

My better half wakes our daughter by saying "mornin' glory, what's the story?". Has ever since she was a baby. I'll have to try the wakey wakey....

Am loving your hamper. My hamper is twice the size and stuffed full. I HATE laundry. Just as soon as it is done, we all take showers, and it starts again. AUGH!

oh--and the laundry unfortunately grows with the kids. you'll need at least two more of those.

Hey! We have that same laundry bag!

That one pic of your feet almost looks at though your feet aren't touching the ground. Like you are levitating. Wild.

I was very deceitful with the laundry because, um, I have two more hampers in my bedroom. Surprise!

And my feet weren't touching the ground. I was sitting on the edge of our big Cali King (I toss and turn lots) and I can't just throw my legs over and get up, I have to slide off.

Look at you! Getting all positive in your foul mood! I'm awfully proud of you for choosing something beautiful when some ugly things are happening. It's so easy to give in to anger and cover-over-head-pulling. Do the creative stuff and let it all out, sista.

Beautiful pics. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks for the laundry clarification. Because if that was seriously ALL your laundry I would SO seriously challenge you to a laundry throw-down!

I love this idea! I just wish I was better at taking arty farty photos.

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