A thank you

The internet can be a very nasty place sometimes, despite all the talk about community. I've learned firsthand, if you've at all read how I've had to defend my intellectual property. Not long ago I had a reader email me a link to another woman's site, a woman who was using that which caused confusion with my trademark and thus established an infringement. I was cool and sent her an email asking if we could resolve it amicably. The week I emailed her had been a particularly rough one with family illness and stress and I knew my representation (and the USPTO) would demand that I maintain my proprietary interest and really, it's tiring sometimes.

So I emailed her. Based on a past experience, I expected nothing but cruel treatment. I waited. She emailed back. She was cool; she was more than cool: she understood my situation and removed the infringement and seriously, I wanted to fly wherever she was and hug her for being so classy about it. Anyway, I like returning good gestures. Actually, I was looking at her website and saw that she's selling handmade cloth diapers, cute cloth diapers, so cute that I would seriously consider getting pregnant again just to have a reason to buy some. She has different designs with cute Velcro enclosures. She's a mama trying to provide for her family, too. Please do me a favor and skip over to her corner of the Web and holler something nice, or, if you or someone you know uses cloth diapers you can snag a few of her adorable creations.

You have my gratitude for it.

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