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A couple weeks ago I got two different pieces of hatemail, both reprimanding me for not posting every single day like I used to. One of them said that I must have run out of ideas. The bulk of my hatemail used to implore me to get a life, so I consider this an improvement.

(If those readers want to pay me to write every day, quantity over quality, I am totally open to that. Just a suggestion!)

This has been a tough month for a number of reasons, some of which I've gone into on my website, some of which I have not. I've taken on a bit of extra writing work because oddly enough, living ain't free and we need extra money to buy beef jerky. Chris takes over in the morning when he can and my mother comes up one evening a week. Despite some of the money-related misconceptions leveled at me in the past, I can't afford to hire either a nanny (or, sadly, a maid). As a result of this my emotions are running high and when my emotions run high I have to work very hard not to verbally eviscerate people, even if they have nothing to do with my problems, or even if they just insist on adding to them with their behavior. Regardless, boooo.

I'm working very hard at focusing on the positive and if I can't focus on the positive I can at least laugh at absurdity when it presents itself. I have several deadlines this week and a photoshoot tomorrow for the 30 Under 30 awards. The latter is turning into a "what will I wear?" fiasco. The photographer called and asked me if I could meet after work; I realize that he's not familiar with what I do but I still had to chuckle because my work, NEVER DONE. He then asked where I worked.

"From home," I replied.

It will be a group shot with the other 29 people, all of whom are coming from after work, most of who will be in suits and other business attire. The problem is that I don't wear a suit to work. I want to look respectable, but at the same time, success isn't always defined by whether or not you wear a suit. I wear jeans, a t-shirt, and Converse most of the time, though I do wear heels when out. So. Do I try to fit in with the crowd or dress as someone who works in Web and radio dresses? Dilemma.

Though I could always wear this shirt.

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