How I strained my hamstring

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Yesterday on Twitter I lied and said that I have some amazing news that I could share today. I have amazing news that has completely made my year, but I can't share it until next week. I'm sorry, that makes me one of "those people" doesn't it? Just know that it involves me receiving a phone call in the Target parking lot while wrestling with the most obscene-sized package of toilet paper known to man, dropping said package, and straining a hamstring when I did a leg kick while on the phone with a reporter.

(Liam and Ewan, I am so sorry that you have Gilda Radnor as a mother but when you get older you'll actually think that's sort of cool I hope, because I loved her. Though after I did my leg kick Liam said "Wow. That looked like that hurt." SEVEN. He's SEVEN.)

I'm in such a good mood today and earlier Chris brought me a Starbucks grande mocha latte and I'm now too distracted to write a coherent thought at the moment. So, three things:

1) I'm joining the stable of fine, funny ladies over at Mamapop on a permanent basis. Some persons enjoy the latest copy of People in the bathroom; I enjoy gossip sites during lunch. I am not ashamed. Please be sure to check it out.

2) Here are some photos from the Epilepsy Foundation's Bowl-a-RAM-a, a fundraiser with the St. Louis Rams spearheaded by our friend Jeremiah (click "Bowlarama June 3rd. Stupid Flash). There's a shot in there of myself with friends and of Chris with my cousin, Andi, the girl who lived with us one summer while she recorded an album. She looks just like me except younger, with better hair, and perkier. I hate her. 

3) If anyone has practical advice on starting a family and family finances, consider shooting some of that over to my friend Rebecca. She's stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Happy weekending.


I, for one, have been dying to hear the news because it seems when YOU have good news, it is REALLY good!

Also, Gilda Radner was cool. The sketch I remember the most, though, had her cramming corn up her nose because "The Soup Man Said So."

You probably don't want to do that around impressionable kids.

I'm just getting to know you and I wanna know your good news. Do tell mama! Soon.

p.s. Your little guys sounds precious. Oh, so honest. Gotta love the 20/20 vision of kids.

Get better soon, you rule.

i hate you. what's up with this i have breaking news, but can't break it to you guys yet deal?!
does it involve six figures, a shot at fame, a personal parking spot...WHAT.
seven yr old boys are v. observant, so are six year old ones. they can easily tell when you are trying to get off the weighing machine fast enough so no one can see the scale, in case they blurt out, "wow, you are this many numbers."
my son actually said, "somebody's fat in this house."
can you believe that!
(also, i know you have your reasons, but its so much more work putting in a comment now! geez.) i'm so lazy.

I think the mamapop "amazing-writing-chicks"-o-meter just broke. Y'all are a supah fine team. You're a great addition!

And financial advice? Pshaw. If I had that I wouldn't be working on Friday night. ;-)

Am on the edge of mah seat and ready to do a happy dance upon hearing your news.

Was thinking of you yesterday and today. Will be thinking of you all tomorrow too.

(And people who read Dana's comments, I know that sounds stalker-ish but its not. She knows what I mean.)

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