I've been out-Peter Gabrieled

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Whenever I ask a question or need advice, the internet is always there to save the day, like that one good friend who knows everything - perhaps the one who showed you the proper way to pad a bra in junior high - not the anonymous frenemy who responded to your good news with "Yeah, well who do you think you are, I used to work with Talent Plus and then I moved to New York and that's successful, big fish in small pond." It leaves you all confused and the only thing you can make out of such a statement is that the commenter once modeled for the local JC Penny catalogs and now works as a waitress at the Times Square Applebee's.

Well damn, she showed me! (My gawd I'm so ignorant, aren't I? A VAT OF COFFEE. That's what. Blame Chris.)

Indulge me in my triumphs, no matter how small you think they are. It's noon and I'm still in my pajamas, so please. Don't hate.

On that end, I've noted your sage advice and I could not love you more, what, with all the fun we've had in the Day in the Life. I'll be in jeans with curly hair. If I look stupid it's your fault.

(P.S. Um, does anyone else think that Blues Clues was totally inspired by the scene at the :59 mark from Gabriel's video? Conspiracy!)


I was thinking more Pee Wee's Playhouse than Blues Clues, but I'm probably dating myself.

As far as your frenemy goes: Don't you just love insecure people?

LOL - I think you're right about the Blues Clues thing!!

Man, I'm jealous. I want to work in my PJs.

I was thinking Pee Wee too. But yeah, I'm old.

I think you are absolutely right. There is no mistaking that blue dog and the curtains. Look at the curtains!

Well, I hope they can fit your big fat head in the picture. Let's hope they come with a wide angle lens. hehehe And just so you know, you could wear your pj's in the picture and still look fabulous!

Ya'll aren't old. PeeWee was my favorite show as a kid, right after Voltron.

I was just all "blue dog? Suspiciously familiar house? Is Peter Joe?"

Too funny. Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers. I just thought comparing yourself to Donald Trump was a bit over the top. Having worked in St. Louis and having worked in NYC are two things not to be compared. Sorry, hate to disappoint you, I was never a waitress. I had a healthy career in modeling and another for a NY based newspaper magazine where I met my hubby. We moved to Rumson, NJ where we raise our children about a mile from the seaside. My job is now co-raising our children and I refuse to get caught up in the, I'm so busy and frantic state of mind so many get caught up in. I'm caught up in watching my children grow one day at a time.

"If I look stupid it's your fault."

Can't stop laughing at this; maybe I suggested jeans and heels just to make you look stupid. . . ever think of that? eh?

love ya, girl.

Yes, the curtains in that house are definitely something Steve or Joe would have picked out. I guess Peter never watched Blue's Clues, or else he may have asked for a cut of the kibble.

I didn't watch PeeWee's Playhouse, but PeeWee's Big Adventure gets me every time. I also loved Voltron. "And I'll form...the head!" I wish Channel 11 would bring it back for my boys to watch.

OMG a lot of that video was like a scary mix between Pee Wee and Blues Clues!

OK, Dana fans. We could all show solidarity by wearing pajamas to work...under our clothes! So we'd look a little lumpy, who's to judge!

Dana, I'm glad you're going with the jeans thing. If you wore a suit, that would go against everything I believe in short of the Triune God.

Did I miss the part where you compared yourself to Donald Trump, as "Anon" referenced?

On that subject, let me just say you have WAY better hair than he.

...and class...and values...and lots of other qualities.

Right a "model". Where have I heard that before? Who the hell compared StL and NYC? Only you, "anon". If you read her post Dana said "Donald Trump Jr types". Just because you got overlooked in St. Louis doesn't mean you have to be rude and act jealous of those who do get noticed. For someone who rambles on about "not getting caught up in" you sure are caught up in trolling her blog. If you can't say congratulations without sounding like some bitter housewife you should shut up. It's sad when someone else's success ruffles your feathers.

I didn't mean to hijack the comments but some people need to be told.

Anonymous commenters are awesome. They return the mystery to the internet: "Who is this person? What makes them tick?"

"Where do they get off?"

They're not all patronizing ex-models with a new career in child-raising and ass-hattery, though.

If only we all could be models from New York or Trumps sitting high in our Ivory Tower. Well there is always that one person who likes to rain on others parades. Enjoy each success you earn in life-more always follows if you appreciate it!

I've never commented before but I read your website several times a week. I have to say that unless "anon" is Kimora Simmons or Shandi Finnessey, she's not a successful model living outside of St. Louis. Sorry, but I did work in St. Louis publishing before moving to Dallas and part of my job was to hire models and style various shoots. Local models stay local. I've styled several spreads featuring Shandi (the former Miss America).

I think it's shows a lack of class that someone used this as an opportunity to put you down. If I am correct, your readership isn't based solely in St. Louis; in fact, aren't you speaking in San Francisco this fall? It is a prestigious honor and I'm happy for your recognition. Well deserved.


You have to know that you are a phenomenal writer with a gift for crafting a sentence and an unparalleled knack for selecting just the right word.

Your recognition is well-deserved. I applaud your authenticity and your uncompromising sense of direction and values.

...and I definitely say jeans...it seems like it represents who you are...

Good call on the Blues' Clues inspiration, and on your final decision to "keep it real".

Thanks... Seth has now got a new fave Youtube video thanks to you. That is great. Because watching cats poop on toilets and various people recreating Star Wars is is gettin real old!

This frenemy obviously don't know you very well... I think she'd POO in her pants if she knew of all of the achievements you've got under your belt!

Your pics look great! Fabulous cougar impression!
Silly, silly, jealous person. I'm sure she's just feeling insecure because anyone who fits the mold can be a model in NY. It actually takes work & talent to be successful in St. Louis.

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