Somewhere between a mover and a shaker, apparently

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I was in the Target parking lot trying to keep my kids away from the insane drivers by yelling STAY BY MOMMY! STAY BY MOMMY! Women recklessly jockeyed for spaces, their driving skills impaired by the excitement of spending $200 on Michael Graves ironing board slipcovers and dishes they don't need. We got to our vehicle and I fought with Liam over how to properly load the bags while fumbling with an obscenely-sized package of toilet paper. It was so big a package I was concerned that the cashier would judge me and think that all I do is wipe my arse. During this I received a call from a number I didn't recognize and when I answered a very polite man said hello, is this Dana, and oh yes, you've been chosen as one of the St. Louis Business Journal's 30 Under 30.

I dropped my gigantic toilet paper package to the ground and sort of kicked my leg in the air Michael Jackson-style, thereby straining my hamstring. It could not have happened in a way more apropos of my life. (I am classy and professional all the way. Invite me to your parties!) The awards ceremony takes place right before I fly out to speak at Blogher. I have a photo shoot in the next couple of weeks for the article, thankfully, because I only have two pictures of myself where I don't look like a douche. There will be an article about it and a write-up about me in the July 11th edition of the Journal.

Jamie and Crane invited me on the cool kids' show to talk about it this morning. The St. Louis Business Journal awards are the things for which Donald Trump Jr. types are nominated. Super successful people get nominated for this. I've never really looked at myself in those terms. I don't go to an office, I own only one suit, and I don't have power lunches. I write a website, do talk radio, and a few other things. It doesn't seem like work to me because I enjoy it so much.

(Maybe it's self-perception, but I have always felt like the underdog, the outcast, the nerd. I don't kiss up and I've never worked at "being seen" or having my photo in glitterati sections - which oddly seems to happen anyway because of the various functions Chris and I have to attend for our industries. I'm always photographed next to people exponentially more glamorous and popular than myself.)

I want to thank the people who nominated me, the St. Louis Business Journal, you all for putting up with me, and I don't care if it's the Clichéd Award Show Thing to do: I also want to thank God, I mean genuinely THANK GOD that I am able to scratch out a living doing what I love to do. I am humbled and grateful.


That is wonderful! Congrats!

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! That is so effing awesome!

You are super successful that you can balance all the work you do with homeschooling your boys and raising Chris (yeah, I said raising!) and managing to maintain your sense of humor, your sense of self and your sense of humor.

I'm so happy for you! I wish I would see you tomorrow so I could just SQUEEEEEEE but for now you get this comment.

CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting for you!

Congratulations Dana!! I think this officially puts you in Rock Star status!!! I believe this entitles you to better parking spots. :) Or it should.

I heard you on the show this morning and quickly called my wife to have her listen, too! This is great news. Congratulations!

Of course this means two things:

1) You are one of the freaks of the blogging world actually "making a go" of it.

2) You are now mainstream. You'll have to give up the underdog and outcast image. Sorry.

CONGRATULATIONS! I have chills. This is so awesome.

You may not think of yourself as a mover or a shaker, but you definitely are. You walk in a room and people notice. You say something and people pay attention. It's because you've built yourself a reputation as a smart and sassy entrepreneur with good ideas and the gonads to go after what you want.

Cool kid is right! :)

Wow! Underdog winners are the best winners-they work harder, get their hands dirty and people can relate to them better then the Donald Trump types. Enjoy the Award show and I say after excepting the award do said Micheal Jackson kick minus the pulled hamstring.

That is awesome!! I am constantly amazed by all that you do then wonder why I can't do more..... You really are an inspiration and I am so happy that I am getting the opportunity to get to know you better! Congratulations. You truly earned it and deserve it.

way to go! you know you're shaking stuff up when a home schooling indy rock chick from the Ozarks is recognized by those folks!!

Can I have your autograph (on a check)?

We know you NOW. Some time, We'll 'knew you THEN'.

Lovely, many congratulations, Dana.

Yay, I'm so happy for you. I haven't been reading your blog since the Clubmom blogs shut down, but I am thinking about you today since I was writing on my blog about the idea of homeschooling my 5-year-old, which scares me to death. (I don't have too many readers, so the actual posting about it does NOT scare me to death.)

And here is such nice news about you. I always feel like an outcast and nerd too, so can relate to that, and am delighted for you to receive such an accolade. Your thoughtful writing deserves the attention. Enjoy!

Awesome! You so rock. WTG

Ok it just took me like 45 minutes to sign in. That being said, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's awesome, Dana.

Now you'll have to get handlers and people (as in, call my people in order to get on my schedule). Big time!

Congratulations!! So happy for you!

WOO HOO!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

Well deserved. Raising a toast for standing up for all the "nerds" out there who are outcasts. You go to the awards, go ahead and do the MJ kick (even in a dress!) but no injury this time!

Keep it up!

Halfway between a mover and shaker? Is that a maker?

I like the sound of that.

Many congrats on your well-deserved success. You're living proof that the maxim "Do what you love, the money will follow" isn't just a steaming pile of crap.

Even if the money isn't quite following, the recognition will surely help in that department, no?

Good gawd, I said sense of humor twice. I meant "your sense of humor, your sense of self, and your common sense."

Of which I need to borrow a cup. :)

Congrats. Again.

Congrats, Dana! You're truly a talented person and I have no doubt that great big things are in your near future. I also believe that very soon, a certain local paper is gonna feel reeeeeally stupid about letting you go. :D

Congratulations! I am so not surprised and it is so well-deserved.

Also, kudos to the St. Louis Biz Journal to recognize what you are doing as so cutting edge and hopefully it will inspire many more women who want to follow their passions.

Way to go, Underdog!


for such a time as this....its not an accident!

YAAAAAAAAY!! Congrats! :)

(i thought you were getting a talk show.)
but yeaaa. good job. you're doing it all and doing it well.

Thank you all!

mn - I already have one of those on KFTK!

I'm jealous. Not because you got nominated but because you are under 30. Seriously though, Congrats! That's a BIG deal. The hubby and I like seeing who makes the list every year. We've had a few friends that are now in the over 30 crowd.

Congratulations!! :) That is so exciting.

Yeah! Congrats- it is well deserved. You are one of the greatest people around. The fact that you balance so much astounds me. And, the fact that you pulled a hammy doing the MJ kick when you got it makes you even more endearing to my heart. Have fun in the spotlight- tomorrow it is back to fishing legos out of the toilet and asking a million why questions...

Woo! You made it in just under the wire! ;)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's so exciting!

Congrats - congrats! How exciting! I would have loved to see the Michael Jackson impression in person though... :)

Wow, Dana. That's so exciting. Congratulations! It's so great that all of your hard work has really paid off.

So happy and excited for you. YEAY!

Congratulations, Dana. What an honor!

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