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Last night as Chris and I were watching political coverage on television I remarked that Alan Colmes slightly resembles a giant penis with hair and glasses. Chris guffawed and sputtered: "What an ignorant thing to say about the penis!"

This morning the Best Buy television repair man arrived half-an-hour too early at the crack of dawn (to replace some sort of filter-thing in our LCD) and we hopped and stumbled about the room in our underwear trying to put on pants and almost knocked heads like the Stooges.

Last Thanksgiving I made a big deal about hosting dinner for our parents and our straggler friends from New Orleans even though both our parents wanted to host the meal. Chris backed me up if only because we share a bed at night. Then when we went to our friends', Gravity Kills', show the night before and I perhaps (stupidly) had a smidge too much to drink because I am the world's cheapest date. I was sick the next day, in my dinner dress and apron, and Chris did not gloat. Me? I would have gloated until the cows came home, but not him. I almost wanted him to gloat, just to get it over with, because I knew that I was in his pocket.

Whenever he runs an errand or stops by the store he always brings me a Snickers because he knows how much I like them. For that I can forgive him taking off his socks in the living room and letting them nest under the chair.

I love knowing that I can always count on him, that when my chips are down; he's the proverbial prizefighter who blasts out of the corner to do some pinch-punching for me.

I believe in two things: that there is that one person out there for everyone, your soulmate; also that one person who is the only person that can put up with you for all your life. I can be demanding, I have a sharp tongue, and I know that Chris is the only man with the combination of grace and patience who can enjoy the show. (Though it's a pretty good show from my end, too.)

Happy birthday.


Happy rockin' b-day, Chris!

Happy Birthday Chris!! Thanks for being such a great Daddy to those precious boys, and a wonderful hubby to our girl Dana! Party like it's your second job :-)

Happy birthday to your main main! You two are too cute for school (;

much like you, he's adorable.

happy birthday, c-dawg!

That's awfully sweet. You two seem like you're a fun couple and know how to balance one another. It's great to see people growing together.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Seriously, it's my birthday too as well as the birthdate of two other rocking friends of mine. Must be a great day to be born.

Happy Birthday Chris!

I cringed when I read that about Alan Colmes resembling a penis. I may never look at the penis in the same way. Sheesh thanks for ruining things for my husband forever.

I like to think he looks more like a very sickly turtle that lost his shell. Or maybe he more resembles Mr. Toad after having gastric bypass surgery. At any rate, penises all over the world are sad.


Happy Birthday Chris!! I hope you are doing something fun over the weekend, or are we his b-day celebration? ha.

What a wonderful tribute to your hubby! Enjoy the day!!

Awww, happy birthday, Chris.

Happy birthday Chris! BTW, my friend Melanie met Chris at a homeschool playgroup or gym class or something and says he's a good guy, and I trust her judgment!

Now, after hearing his description of Colmes, I'm glad I don't really watch TV. That image would haunt me for a while.

I'm going to go back to humming Veggie Tales songs until the image goes away.

"oh where.....is my hairbrush....oh where...."

Happy (day-late) Birthday Chris!
You guys definitely go together like peas n' carrots. It's encouraging to see a couple like that, this day in age. It's also nice to know there are other men out there that leave their sox in the living room to hibernate under the couch.


Colmes just all around creeps me out.

Just thought you would like to see this before doing your first summer fling.

Working scale models - Trebuchets and Catapults.


Happy Birthday Chris! Hope it turns out to be a wonderful year for ya.

Happy Belated Birthday to Chris! What an awesome tribute to your hubby.

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