If you're here from the Journal ...


I forgot that the piece about me in the St. Louis Business Journal was running today and thankfully remembered that a thousand new eyeballs would be stopping by right before I posted a totally irreverent piece of writing. It's best that I keep the poised and polished charade up for as long as possible.

You can get a tease of the article here, and I mean a tease; you actually have to purchase the print edition of the paper to get the full story. I may cheat and post a photo here if they don't run after me with pitchforks for doing so.

So for all the Business Journal readers, hello! I'm Dana, I'm a blogger writer and radio show host (among other things), and you can read more about me here and here. I enjoy long walks on the beach, movies, beef jerky, pop-culture, and I can use the southern pronoun "yins" correctly in a conversation.    

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