Indie Day, a recap

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My mother picked up the boys on the afternoon of the Fourth and whisked them away to play with sparklers and watch neighborhood fireworks at her semi-rural homestead. It was the first Fourth of July Chris and I spent without our kids for which we've given ourselves a reprieve because we haven't had a vacation in six years. Not even a single day. I beat myself up for not having the boys at first but after we got together with some friends and our cousins and I got over it pretty quick.

On our way into the stadium one of our friends stopped to talk to someone he recognized and a woman (so I'm told; I didn't hear) point at Chris and remarked: "You're Dana Loesch's husband!" I feel like I should say something self-deprecating right now before the trolls accuse me of being too big for my britches. But I'm not. I read other bloggers doing this whenever anything cool happens to them and I always wonder why they feel the need to cut themselves down or pay some sort of due before fully accepting the aforementioned cool thing. Onward!

We spent the evening downtown at the Cards-Cubs game where Chris and I acted a fool and shouted at the field. I shouted so much that I blew my voice out, genius, I know, because I was on-air Sunday and as I type this I still have the vocal tonality of a razor-gargling barfly. I agree with Phoebe Bouffet in that I sound infinitely better and way tougher. We ordered 24-ounce beers and sat next to a nice elderly gentleman with slacks so tight they caused the worse case of camel tail I've ever had the misfortune of accidentally seeing.

Afterwards we trekked over to Mike Shannon's as did the rest of Busch Stadium, and alternately holed up in a booth inside and stood out on the patio drinking our beer and wondering if we were too old to be there and if not, what was the appeal of frat music, and why don't we walk to Hair of the Dog? They have METAL on the jukebox! I like Shannon's though' they've always been kind to us there and one time I accidentally struck up a conversation with the man himself before realizing who he was as I have a horrid inability to recognize, in real life, people from the television screen or from the photos on the Web.

We spilled back into our house at an hour way past out bedtimes and after I collapsed into bed Chris brought me up a slice of bacon and I half-remember eating it. 

Hope your holiday was Hallmark.


I'm a big fat nobody on the blogging scene and *I'VE* had people off the street recognize me and my family, so it's not surprising for it to happen to you guys. It's always cool to have a friendly fan say hello, no matter if you're A-list or D-list.

Thank you for the cameltail reference. I knew there had to be a name for the male counterpart, I just had no idea what it was. Thanks again for the words.

Never had someone recognize me from blogging (even at the Blogger's Guild until I mentioned my blog name) but it's happened related to music my wife and I have done.

It's kind of freaky in a have to be on your best behavior all the time! Well, at least that's how it works with us since we do MOST of our music these days at our church and a small amount for local theater groups.

It's a good thing we are naturally charming and ALWAYS ideal parents! (That's a JOKE people!)

also can be called a moose-knuckle, depending on what's offending

That's funny... I wondered if you heard. I didn't want to bother you on your night out. When Mike said hey Chris and I looked up, I thought it was your Chris he knew. It was nice to see you got to get out and enjoy some time. As parents we all need it. (I'm the one who sent you my uncles book to read a couple years ago... glad you liked it ... a new one comes out soon ... I'll get you an autographed copy!)
Love your blog. As a single mom of 2 it keeps me laughing when times get tough.

I figured you were too young for Mike Shannon's. That's always struck me as a place where the old folks hang out after the game. We usually start the evening at Hrabosky's and end at Paddy O's and usually we feel too old at the latter establishment.

Yeay for grandparents who take children for overnight stuff!

And that's really cool that Chris was recognized...

Sounds like a fun weekend.

I've always referred to it as "mammal toe"...

Glad you had a great time. You have most definitely earned a respite from responsibility, even for one evening. It's little moments and nights out that make the rest of the days worth it all.

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