With a little help from her friends

I am a praying person.

And right now I am praying for my friend Lisa, who has just learned she has cancer.

I am familiar with cancer; it has ravaged my family. Thankfully I know people who have beaten this wretched disease. I know Lisa will be one of them because, despite her protests, she is one of the strongest people that I know. She doesn't flaunt it because she is too graceful for that.

I am praying for her and her husband and son to be given strength to get through this and also for her family and friends to circle the wagons around her during this time. She's currently in the hospital and I know she would find it so uplifting to  ead words of encouragement in her comments or inbox. Please, go forth and give her all the support you can. She's been such a wonderful friend to me and if there is anything I could do to make this go away I would.
Thank you so much.

(*I am so grateful for all of you who've typed her some love. I wish I could reach through the monitor, grasp you, and hug you to the screen.)

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