Another year

This is Ewan's table; he sits here and drafts his plans for world domination while Liam does seat work.

Slowly starting second grade curriculum and full-on preschool activities today after a short two-week break following the end of Liam's first grade year. We've gone with Abeka curriculum again this year which we have used since kindergarten. It's advanced-paced and  phenomenally put together. Liam can read well; write cursive and print; do double-digit addition and subtraction; count and exchange money; speak, read, and write some basic Spanish; and he's learning to do small amounts of homework on his own time (teaching time management) to turn in the following morning. To say that I'm proud of him is an understatement. Each year I get under my homeschooling belt gives me that much more confidence as his teacher.

I'm working on a massive page of homeschooling resources and the like for those interested, including supplemental curriculum I've tried and liked over the past four years.

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