Because it's an important issue

Everyone is familiar with how I trademarked my name years ago and even some of my successfully defended trademark issues; you've read about publications stealing other bloggers' intellectual property and publishers stealing their posts for profit - all of this makes me realize that we need a frank discussion on the issue of trademarking and intellectual property more than ever before.

A few weeks ago I submitted such an idea to the SXSW panel picker. It was accepted and is now open for voting. Please take a moment to quickly register here (all info stays private) and vote for my panel here. Thank you!

P.S. Please ignore my stalker, my estranged, child and wife-beating (and denier! Despite records) biological father, Paul Eaton, who decided to leave a defaming comment on the SXSW website under my panel. That was what I lived with daily as a child and a demon I continue to fight in my adulthood. Hugh and the SXSW folks took care of it. Many thanks to them for their concern and attention to the matter.

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