A blizzard in fall

I'm standing in my kitchen about to stuff manicotti with an amalgam of various cheeses and spices; Liam is at his desk finishing homework for tomorrow and Ewan is at the dining room table pretending that his crayons are army men and they're waging an epic battle.

Starting tomorrow morning (and running through the election) I'll be guest co-hosting on Jamie's show from 7 - 9 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday. This is in addition to my Sunday night show.

Also this weekend, if you haven't glanced at the badge to your right, I'm speaking and doing some moderating at St. Louis's first ever interactive conference orchestrated by myself and several members of the St. Louis Bloggers' Guild. Dude. Putting together such an event was HARD. Working with a plethora of people, trying to accommodate everyone, and being constantly aware of the various individual schedules is/was nothing short of brain-frying. I'm happy with how things have turned out for our inaugural year, though. We have a lot of great people coming together to share their experiences and expertise and I've no doubt that attendees will walk away with some valuable information. You can learn more about the conference, including all of the panels, here and purchase wristbands (which admits you to the entire festival and you can catch some pretty cool indie bands) here. Many thanks to our kickin' sponsors for helping to make it happen. 


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