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Currently trying to extricate a Tostino's pizza from the oven as it said "BAKE ON THE RACK" and I baked it on the rack and lo, it became one with the rack. Liam sits at the kitchen table, working on math lessons a bit later into the afternoon than usual; this morning I drove around the KMOV building four times (much to the amusement of the cab drivers) before finally spying the slightly-hidden little spaces behind the building in which to park. I was due there to tape a segment for a new show called "Great Day St. Louis," hosted by Carol Daniel. Carol sent me an email a year or so ago after one of my posts and she told me she laughed her head off. I was just floored that she even knew I existed.

She caught me doing some last minute primping before walking on the set and told me I looked fine. Because I am awesome like that, I responded with something about how I could feel my face greasing up because I was wearing more makeup than usual and I KEPT TALKING AND WOULD NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT and the producers laughed, either out of hysterical pity for the family stuck with me or because they were being polite. 

The taping was lovely, I believe it will air next Monday, when it does I'll let you know. Also: please don't fret none - I'm still working on that big ol' homeschooling resource post and will publish it shortly; I'm currently up to my armpits in InterPlay, the St. Louis interactive conference and lamenting over how certain unnamed wifi providers are proving difficult with which to work. I'm also wrapping up sponsors, so if you want in, email me asap. When I'm not writing, homeschooling, and trying to figure out how to clone myself for efficiency, I've been handling the radio gig and watching in amazement as my phone bay grew from nothing to being completely jammed every Sunday night for the past three months. I'm getting more and more emails about the show and the numbers have the crew thrilled beyond belief. It's a good thing that it's 2008 and I'm not short of ambitious mother role models for inspiration.


Maybe they were just laughing 'cause you're naturally funny!

Oh, and way to be brave with the pizza. I've never DARED slap one of those right on the rack "for a crispier crust" because I was afraid of exactly what you experienced. Well, that, and a complete fear of cleaning the oven.

We've instead gone with the "pizza stone" approach. I think we bought them from Pampered Chef.

how comforting to know im not the only one who instantly gets a case of 'self depricating diarrhea of the mouth' whenever im in an uncomfortable, just been complimented by a stranger/mentor/anyone! hang in there with your crazy schedule!!

Yeah, we go with the pizza stone as well. Plus there is the added benefit of keeping the seconds warm.
I wanted to add a plug for the Enchanted Learning web site. You might have actually told us about it earlier but I finally got a subscription and I absolutely LUV it!
Good luck with everything!

I love me some Totinos...When I was in the Army, I'd cook them bad boys in the microwave into a soggy mess and fold them like taco...Drown them in Frank's Original Red Hot.MMMM.. Those were the days! Me man! Me hungry!

My two little indians would starve if weren't for pizza, chicken nuggets, and fries.


I've been downloading your Podcasts and listening to them at work for about two weeks now (I downloaded them ALL, from all the way back in June, I believe) and I love how much emotion you have for your beliefs. And you make me laugh. LOVES IT!! :o)

I have backed directly on the cardboard which was placed directly on the rack. Didn't see it was stuck to the pizza. That provided minutes of amusement while I attempted to slice it.

I'm a dork.

Looking forward to seeing you on the show! I'm excited for you.

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