Early this morning

Lately it's been dusky dark when I'm at the station to do my Sunday evening show. When they asked me to come in the mornings I sort of feel like a crypt keeper let loose in the day. Jamie had his little flip camera this morning and I didn't realize that his intent was to post actual footage of his heinous protein dirt shake and me doing the Cabbage Patch on Youtube. In my defense, I was halfway through a potent pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and completely cracked out:

I brought Jamie a mix CD (how neo-80s!) of some of the 2,000+ songs I have on iTunes to play that morning and he asked if I was going to break it down right in the studio like how the Obamas danced on Ellen. You can't hear the music, obviously, because it's playing through our headphones, but here's the track, Kenna's "Say Goodbye to Love":


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