WTH is wrong with feminism?

I began working on a piece of writing yesterday because I was so frustrated with politics and the atmosphere that has swallowed half of the country. I'm one of the people who believe that you can be Democrat, Republican (of which I am neither, I am motivated by issues, not party), or Independent and still share a meal together. This election, more than any I've ever seen, has gotten nasty - maybe because there's a woman, a mother involved and I can empathize with that.

Some of the punditry I've read in the past couple of days has set me off. So I wrote about it at my other gig over at Mamapop, please check it out, my heart on my sleeve. Here are two excerpts:

"If children were really limitations, if people were truly worried about whether or not a candidate could concentrate on their duties as a parent, this question would be universally asked of BOTH women AND MEN. John F. Kennedy had a baby in the White House. He is regarded as one of the greatest presidents of our time. Barack Obama has two young daughters. I can think of a plethora of politicians running or currently in office who have young children. Yet no one questions whether or not the attention of these men will be diverted by their children. No, that wouldn't play into the stereotype. Their penises have earned them a free pass. How nice."


"Women are not second-class citizens and mothers sure as hell aren't second-class citizens. Dr. Laura actually questions how well a mother of five can multi-task? Isn't that pretty evident? And people wonder why the "mommybloggers" are so active, why they make such a ruckus, why they perceive discrimination when there supposedly isn't any. It's because the notion that discrimination against mothers is nonexistent is a myth. We are worthy of respect. Children are not a burden, we are not limited, and if more people in this world had a mother's heart the planet would be a better place to live."

I'll be back and non-political tomorrow.

(P.S. I've been liveblogging the conventions and will do so again tonight for my station - if you are so inclined you are welcome to join. I go live at 8pm CST. Drop me a line at mamalogues at yahoo dot com if you're interested in joining and chatting. Lookit! Emmis even made a graphic!)


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