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When we had friends over the other day Ewan answered the door dressed as the Grim Reaper. He doesn't know how to tie his shoes, nevermind that Halloween is this month. Whereas the majority of boys like to dress up as cowboys, astronauts, or any other superhero designed to inspire children to greatness, Ewan loves to dress up as the Harvester of Souls. He even has a sickle:

Chris and I are weird, but come on, we're not that weird. There's this Wii game called Boom Blox in which you can construct castles, houses, etc., place characters in the scene, click play, and they all do battle. It's Liam's favorite game and Ewan likes to sit and watch him play it. One of the game's characters is a farm animal dressed up as a Grim Reaper. Ewan calls him Grim, and when dressed up as his new idol, insists that he be called Grim as well.


I am sort-of blamable; I stopped by Target one afternoon to get toilet paper and the boys dragged me over to the Halloween display. Ewan fell in love with a plastic sickle and begged for it, even offered to buy it himself with the four dollars in his dinosaur wallet.


"It's like Grim's, mama," he enthused.


We walked out with toilet paper and the sickle.


For the past two weeks he's about his day wearing a black graduation robe bequeathed unto him by his cousin; he pulls it over his head like a hood, grabs the sickle, and puts around the house breathing like he has emphysema.


"Is that what you're going to be for Halloween?" asked a friend of ours.


"NO," Ewan hissed menacingly. "IS WHAT I AM."


My favorite grim reaper scene is in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" when "Death" comes to a dinner party. Hysterical.

Oh, and keep your kid away from me! He's scary.

Of course, my youngest daughter is DYING to go to Fright Nite at 6 flags and loves all things Tim Burton. She thinks his movies are "cute." She's in first grade. "A Nightmare Before Christmas" is right up her alley.

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Well, if that Agent of Death darkened my door, I'd just have to scoop him up and hug him.

Cutest Grim Reaper EVER.

Oh my god, this is hysterical.


I think I might die. Too funny!!!

Hey, at least he's got job security.

Bad joke, apologize for offending anyone.

Kim, you're a riot.

I'm loving Little Death. I'm loving the fact that he calls him Grim even more.

He hasn't by chance seen the cartoon "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" has he? He grim reaper character is named Grim. It's one of my secret TV pleasures because it reminds me of old Looney Tunes where there's a kids level of understanding and an adult level. (Like in the episode titled The Taking Tree)

Okay I know I sound like a 16 year old with a MySpace account, but OMG. How cute is THAT?! I just want to snuggle him! :o)

What a riot! I would highly recommend the cartoon, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, on CartoonNetwork. My favorite character is Grim.

He is so cute - I am now regretting telling my 4 year old he could not be the grim reaper for Halloween...

That is too cute *lol*.

I am dying laughing..that picture is hilarious. He just looks mischevious holding that sickle. Aren't little boys cute?

My five year old wanted to be Darth Vader with a full mask when he was 3 years old. I wanted him to be a cute monkey or any other costume with a mask as he has such a cute face. At least with Grim's costume you can see his adorable face.

Well, you can obviously tell this sick, twisted picture of an innocent little boy pretending to be death is a result from homeschooling! He needs to be amongst society, not trying to kill them!

Please sense the huge amount of sarcasm :-). I was dying laughing at the picture (no pun intended...sheesh, it's been a long day). I love people who have a sense of humor!

One of my little brothers used to dress up as the Grim Reaper for Halloween as well. My mom sewed the hooded robe and everything. The difference was we grew up on a farm and *had* a 7 foot long, weathered wood, rusty blade, sickle. I kid you not. Add to that the fact that said little brother was 6 foot 6 at the time, and you've got a rather terrible sight walking through the school hallways. Very freaky.

For what it's worth, said brother is now a mechanical engineer, so it all worked out, I suppose.

He is the cutuest thing ever! I want a t-shirt with this picture!

He is the cutest thing ever! I want a t-shirt with this picture!

Right here, ladies and gentlemen, is the photograph of the year.

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