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ghost mobile

I've always noticed that the photos in all the craft blogs show happy little children doing happy little crafts and everyone is smiling and the families seem so homespun and put together. I know that the times when I post craft photos on this website it may seem like that, too, but let me assure you: there is not one craft session chez Loesch where someone doesn't get mad because their brother has the green scissors I WANT THE GREEN SCISSORS, or someone can't find their blue crayon or someone superglues their pinky finger to the table, or someone taste-tests an Elmer's glue stick because hey, it was pink.

Come to think of it, all the art teachers I had in school growing up were beyond deranged, which, if I had to teach herds of kids art day in and day out, I would be, too.

I manage to snap a couple of photos because a) I like adding it here and keeping a record of their home education for them to look back on and b) I need to keep it here as a record of their home education for the days when I want to rip my hair out. Win-win.

I've gotten pretty ambitious with their art (not mine, never again), even graduating Liam from acrylic paint to oils, though I honestly haven't had the brass to let him go whole hog with it yet. The other day we tackled a new project for Halloween: the ghost mobile.

I used spare white fabric, tissue paper, string, and a bottle of vodka. I kid. The boys drew faces on their ghosts, stuffed with tissue paper, and I used some sticks from the yard to create the "hardware" part of the mobile. Liam was totally grossed out that I just went into the yard and like, grabbed some random sticks. He wanted to go to the craft store and spend money on dowel rods or something "more mobile-er, mom." I told him he if wanted to use his allowance to pay for gas on the way down and purchase the supplies he was more than welcome, otherwise it's STICKS FROM THE BACKYARD. He seemed happy with the original plan after that.

And the mobile turned out ... weird. It's cute but it doesn't look like the ghosts are floating so much as hanging.
ghost mobile

Whatever it looks like, it's hanging in my stairwell.


I love it!

The second photo is particularly funny.

I love Homemade decorations! My mom used to do that kind of thing with us too!
Good for you for making that a priority in life!
Also..if it looks like the ghosts are hanging...its cool because its Halloween!
Yay for scary things that people won't question because of the Holiday! :)

I think I get it...
So, you tie the white sheets and hang them from the stick. Then hang the stick from the ceiling. And then you drink the vodka?

I normally drink the vodka THEN do projects with the kids. Like you said-win, win! Joking, joking-it's a very cute project and it actually makes me miss the kids being little. They are teenagers now-which should explain why I drink FIRST. :)

Love the whole Tim Burton aura of this project, but also love that Ewan is about to nail the poor hanging bastids with the Nerf Shooter-O-Circles in the second photo. We've got one of those at our house and I never know when a flying, foamy O is going to hit me upside the head.

I couldn't post on your previous Blogher post, so I will comment here. I honestly don't know how you're going to keep posting over there. The arrogance and unkindness turns my stomach. They remind me of my grad school and debate days (the person who uses the biggest words and cites the most 'credible' sources wins. Anyone who can't keep up is an idiot). The most ironic part of this is that they do this all the while congratulating themselves on their social conscience. I would have no interest in trying to have a meaningful discussion with them week after week. I give you credit for giving it a go.

Dana, your blog is hilarious! The last pic of one of your kids blasting the ghosts is awesome. I was always awful at art. I had trouble drawing a crooked line, much less a straight one...

Very, very cute. We got crafty with the spider-web-y stuiffed on the front of our house.

Then it rained.

Now it looks like we rubbed tampons on the front of our house.


Speaking of tampons, I wish I could stuff a bunch in some choice Blogher's yaps to cork 'em. They were brutal to you today. You deserve some vodka after all that cyber-bullying.

Keep that chin up and keep on posting here and at Blogher...if only to piss them off. Heh!

Gee, what did those innocent little Caspers do to get strung up like that? I have to agree it does look like a mass killing but hey that's the Halloween spirit!

I have to agree with melphd. Writing for Blogher seems like such a chore. You're work is great but putting up with the comments seems so daunting. They better be paying some serious green. I read your articles but steer clear of reading the comments. I don't need any more proof that most people are complete morons.

Your ghost-mobile made me think of this:

I think I like yours better.

Love it love it love it.

hmm, they do look kind of like hanging victims but I think that makes it all the more Halloweeny. Craft projects are not well assembled quaint affairs in my home. They are usually horrifying and involve me calling the Hubster to bring home wine, lots and lots of wine.

I love your house, very nicely colored in...
i wish i had an upstairs toy area like that.
so neat to not have to hide all the toy crap when guests come.

crafts, you mean people actual do those somewhere besides at school and for magazines? ugh! I'm such a bad mommy

One year, we decorated our entire front yard with similar hanging ghosts. It was quite gruesome!

My family is all crafty and even my youngest is able to "see" what a pile of junk could turn into. She once made a giant tree to decorate our living room when we had an indoor picnic one night!

I just found your blog--you are hilarious! I actually think the mobile is cute, but I'm as creatively challenged as they come. I could only do much, much worse!

I have no idea what your post is about because I'm commenting before reading it (I'll go back and read it in a sec), but I just had to gush: I have major house envy! Your house is beautiful!

I love your ghost mobile! My son and I made similar ghosts last year and hung them in the tree in the front yard, along with spiders. We saved them and they are back up in the tree this year!

Thanks for the information

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