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Remember when I said that my entire wardrobe is black and gray? I wasn't exaggerating.


I'm loving this designer, particularly this.


Also loving stripes. (Really just photographing the vintage petticoat. Sorry.)

This is one of the most brilliant and beautiful posts I've read/heard in quite some time.


The boys picked me a bunch of lavender from the backyard; I dried it and set it on top of the cupboard in the dining room; it smells like the best perfume.

I also have two new gigs:

I'm joining the lovely ladies over at Blogher as a contributing editor in politics and news posting once a week; I'm also writing a new monthly homeschooling column over at Imperfect Parentbeginning next month. So when I'm not here or on air, I'm over yonder.

Tip me to some of your cool finds or inspiration in the comments.


Congrats on the new gigs! How cool!

I dressed like that every day for 5+ years - right down to having the same hair style. Can I take credit for pioneering that look? lol

I miss reasons to wear skirts, black tights and boots.

Yes, more skirts with boots. :)
Good catch up post Dana.
Congratz on the two new gigs.

Those stripes are sweet!

I find my inspiration here:

Stephanie is a beautiful young woman that gave birth this summer to a gorgeous baby girl and is now fighting for her life at Mayo(for more than a month without her kids)after a horrible reaction to chemo for her newly diagnosed lymphoma. You don't have to know her to pray for her and follow her inspiring story. The girl is so girly she even has a chandelier in her hot pink laundry room! It's hard not to pull for her, her husband and their three gorgeous children. I'm not all that girly, but I may be going with more pink in the near future.

I followed the link to Pia's soundscape#3 post. Very touching. Thank you for the side-trip to serenity, at least for a few minutes.


I have a lot of black and white clothes and love that dress too.

Congratulations on your new gigs- I LOVE that you will be on BlogHer- I have seen some of the conservative women there just get ripped to shreds, since most of the people who respond there are liberal, but if anyone can handle them, you can. :-) I'll be reading your posts there for sure!

Those stockings with the black dress remind me of the Wicked Witch of the East from Oz. =)

Don't feel bad you wear gray and black-my gf gets on to me for wearing nothing but blue and gray.

You have at least something green, from that photo Raquita took of you that's your twitter pic.

But I know your point wasn't to have someone contradict you about the color in your wardrobe. I love the striped socks.

I'm dying over here. Cute, cute, cute (petticoat AND stockings)! Great photos! :)

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