Miles to go before we sleep


I was up yesterday morning before the sun. After a full day of Liam's classes, playgroup, work, and laundry, I was exhausted. Usually fall energizes me; yesterday I crumpled into a heap on the sofa with the boys, snacked on the leftover roast and vegetables from the previous day, and watched every spooky and fairytale movie we could find in the big steamer trunk that holds all our DVDs.


Later there was an accident at Chris's building. He's OK, the building is OK, it was a bit scary though and when he finally slipped in next to me underneath the sheets last night he smelled like smoke and cables. The studio is to open in a matter of days now and he's been working 'round the clock to make it happen. As a result, the boys haven't seen much of him; we haven't seen much of each other. I went away from my computer yesterday afternoon and when I returned I was a little shocked at the gluttony of my inbox. The other night I let the boys stay up to a late hour they've never before seen because I wanted company, their company. It was nice, albeit selfish. Unfortunately, late nights like that make my comfortable bed seem more inviting in the afternoon hours. If I nap now though, the boys will stage a coup.  

(*In the meantime, take a moment to check out this post on large families and the phenomena of celebrity baby adoption for Mama Pop.).

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