Shut up, fake Bruce Dickenson - *UPDATED

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So yesterday my PD calls and is all "Hey, so you interested in riding in the Sarah Palin motorcade and rolling with the press corps all day tomorrow?" and I'm all, "Did you not know who you hired when you offered me a job at your station?" and he was all "Great! It's settled!"


And then I was happy.


And then there was a period of time when I wasn't so happy because I had several different people telling me several different things, one of which was "No, you can't come, but you can stand and wave at the airport and then we'll see you at the rally afterwards."


But me being who I am, which is irrationally tenacious, I'm back on the motorcade and will be rolling with people way above my league for the majority of tomorrow. Were I not so naive perhaps I'd be nervous. But I'm not! I'm a person! And they're all people, too! And we all put our pants on one leg at a time!


"I put my pants on just like the rest of you -- one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records."


Shut up, fake Bruce Dickenson.


One of them told me that there wasn't anything to cover at that time but hi, riding along with the VP candidate on the way to a historic debate with the potential to fire off one question or glean something from the corps? I disagree. The Midwest McCain campaign director called me a bit ago to confirm the above and I went all classic talk radio with "LISTEN TO ME OVERSHARE! I can talk for FOREVER!" and when we I were was done talking she literally said "Oookay!"


Ohmyword I wish I were joking. But I'm not! Story of my life! Invite me to your parties!


I'm terrified that I'll get to the airport and Secret Service will tackle me or something and put a hole in my leggings. That I am wearing. With a nice long sweater and boots. Because I get cold and it's going to be a long day. Or that all the news hounds in their suits who chase the trails daily will laugh at me. The anxiety level is right up there with my first day of kindergarten.


The following day we're guests at a fundraiser dinner with President Bush. I'm not joking. When I get nervous I tend to prattle on with never-ending conversation to the point where the people listening want to die. It's a diversion from my nervousness. I am a master strategist.

Don't worry; I've a journalism background, so getting it together and plowing ahead and sticking recording devices in people's faces is not unfamiliar territory for me.I sound dramatic because it's late and I took a nighttime sinus pill. Kittens with eyepatches are circling my head.


I'll be on air early tomorrow morning and covering the debate tomorrow night in some capacity for the station. I'll also be on Twitter tomorrow if you want to follow along. 

So, after spending my entire morning in the hot mess that is Wash U and seeing firsthand the MASSIVE amount of problems they're having with credentialing; listening to some big wig from NBC scream out a volunteer because he flew in from New York and his creds had gotten messed up; hearing volunteers complain about loose security and the severity of the massive credentialing screw up; seeing that my name wasn't listed on the pool list; and realizing that while I may be in the motorcade, I wouldn't be able to get off the press bus as my particular creds only extended so far. As Palin is not taking any questions before the debate, I decided that I'm not going to sit on a press bus for five hours with no wifi and unable to make a phone call, because the signals will be jammed, just to say that I was in the motorcade. I would see her exit her plane and get in her limo and that's it. No chance to ask a question.

I'll be on air doing pre-debate from 7-8pm and at the rally tonight, but to say that I'm aggravated is perhaps, the understatement of the year. I rearranged not only my schedule, but Chris and the boys' schedules for this. Liam is missing Spanish. I didn't even get to see them off before they went to their grandparents and I won't see them again until tomorrow evening. I am very uncomfortable with that. One of the reasons I have my work, my living, situated the way I do is so that I can put parenthood first. I failed on that today and it upsets me and pisses me off because running around chasing this stuff and being jerked around is a candle to the roaring fire that is the importance of my kids.     


You are simply not normal!

Also, I mean this in a good way. I'll be bragging on you the rest of the week. Have a great time!

Good golly, eat it up tomorrow. PLEASE. Iwill be living thru you.


I'm not normal and will be checking in.

Normality is way overrated!

I think if the SS tackles you, you'll talk them to death and have new fans. Have fun and just drink it all in!

How exciting!!!

will be following you! wish i could see those leggings too!

Wow! Somebody I have never met is about to ride in a motorcade with Sarah Palin!

... wait ... I've never met anybody who will be in that motorcade. YOU ... ARE ... THEM!

When they announced yesterday, during Jamie's show, you would be riding in the motorcade I waited ALL DAY to see if you would post it on Mamalogues. I'm so envious!! :o)

Fun! I am volunteering at the debates and helping the media get where they are going on campus. I won't be anywhere near the candidates, but I can't wait to be introduced to that atmosphere!

No one will laugh at you because they'll be too focused on getting their information... if anyone will be doing the laughing, it might be you! :)

So jealous! Enjoy!! I will be at the rally after...

Even though I'm on the otherside of the aisle so to speak, this has to be one of the coolest opportunities, for anyone, EVER! I do not agree with your political views, however, I would eat up a chance to have dinner with the President and to roll with a candidate.

Stay calm, you'll be awesome as usual. I can't wait to hear about it.

you wrote:

"When I get nervous I tend to prattle on with never-ending conversation to the point where the people listening want to die."

i reply:

do you, others, think Gov. Palin feels similarly?
or is she consciously oblivious? (is that an oxymoron?)

i ask this, sincerely, btw

I am jealous of you, however I am proud to know you too. I will so be living vicariously today saying "oh, yeah, my girl Dana? She's in the the motorcade. Yeah, that's right, she's in the press corps, doing her thang, shakin' and bakin', hangin' with Palin."

Or something like that.

Palin won't even take questions from Conservative talk Radio?


I think you're right to blow it off! No need to screw your day for nothing.

You want my opinion? didn't ask for it but I'm telling you..
Don't beat yourself up over the screwy schedule and the kids. It's very clear to anyone that reads your blog that you put them #1..Chris is a close 2nd..
The debate and a fundraiser w/ the president are 100% history...and living life w/ your mouth in politics during this time is creating a legacy your boys will be so proud of! It doesn't matter if you are on a bus..witnessing the craziness or standing on the curb. You are Dana.. do your stuff!!!! Congrats!

Dana, I hate to say it but the state of journalism today is that you pretty much have to be available 24/7 and then still prepare for a lot of frustration. I'm still a working journalist, and I know. Blogging occasionally is nice, but I've yet to see how anyone can make a living at that. Please let us all know if you figure out a way. Thanks.

I know that, I worked in journalism and realized years ago that you can't work in news and homeschool and be your kids' primary daytime caregiver. This was more widespread incompetence that was odd enough to be an isolated incident with regards to its severity.

You are NOT a bad parent because Wash U screwed up. Dude, your kids think you're so cool.

Don't worry baby, by the end of the day you'll be wearing gold-plated diapers!

What does that mean?

Don't question fake Bruce Dickeson!

Look at it this way Dana - you're opening the door for your kids to how America works. What better way to teach your kids about politics then being apart of it?

Remember, this is what homeschoolin's all about!

You're apart of history today, as crappy as it seems right now - it's still history in the making! And one day Liam and Ewan will want to hear every detail.

Keep on keepin' on - I'm proud of you!
It's not every day you have this kind of opportunity - poop on everyone else for not having their crap together!

You knew I'd bring poop into it somehow, huh?!

It is very hard to "feel" like one is not doing all for one's kids.

But you know, kids around the world have survived with much less in material and much less in emotional support and love.

And you've got Chris backing you up.

At the end of the day, your kids will miss you and know that they are very loved.

Don't feel guilt. As a mother, you are entitled and obligated to be knowledgeable about the world.

welcome to my world, I have been in the production world for over 30 years, My credentials where a mess but persitance won and I got them,

Hey, STOP IT. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and OF COURSE you had to go. It was one day. The important thing is that the kids don't know the difference and won't even remember so DO NOT beat yourself up over it. It sucks that it didn't work out, but if it had, how cool would it have been for you and what a lesson you could have taught the boys.

Busy try to slow down and really soak the boys up when they come back. :)

I'm following your tweets as they come in and I thought I've got to let you know how much I appreciate them! Thoroughly enjoying everyone!

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