Sometimes a squirrel scratches your pumpkin's face off and other life lessons

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The other day the boys carved pumpkins and we set them out on the deck. Ewan was proud of his pumpkins, especially the diminutive pumpkin into which he carved a clumsy smiley face. The next morning while leaving for a playdate, Ewan shrieked and began to cry: by walking outside he had interrupted one of our notorious backyard squirrels furiously digging the face out of his little jack-o-lantern. Liam fetched his empty BB gun and raced to get a good shot but the squirrel had disappeared by then. All that remained was a small, disfigured jack-o-lantern. It was pitiful. Ewan held his pumpkin and wailed, Liam kept a watchful eye on the tree limbs nearest our deck, and I stood and watched them both - consumed equally by laughter and sympathy. I lied promised Ewan that we would fix his pumpkin and we could even carve a new one. After a few minutes, Liam lowered the barrel, walked over to Ewan, and imparted a major life lesson: "Bub, sometimes you get your way. And sometimes a squirrel scratches your pumpkin's face off. Life just isn't fair all the time."


Aw...Liam is so wise. Ewan is lucky to have such a great big brother.

Ain't that the truth :) haha!

I truly think that McCain should adopt Liam's quote for the next 5 days. You know in response to the fairness doctrine.

Your house is a riot!!!

Okay, seriously: that last line is going on my wall. Its almost perfect in its understanding. So Zen. :D

So sad; hopefully this is not some kind of life-ruining trauma. Poor Ewan... damn squirrels!

I think you should have Liam's words turned into a plaque. This is life's wisdom at its finest.

Words to live by.

I can't stop laughing! That's priceless! And I love "Bub ...".

FWIW, I douse my pumpkins with Tobasco. No squirrel issues.

Truer words have never been spoken.

We have the same problem. Our squirrel is so bold that he'll sit on the pumpkin, stare at my cat and grab part of the face and start munching, still staring down the cat.

Oh my gosh...I can't STOP LAUGHING! I literally have tears in my eyes! Where do your kids get this stuff?!?!

Plaque? I'll expand the plaque idea and say make it into T-shirts!

That Liam is a character - LMAO! Sorry the tree rat destroyed Ewan's jack-o-latern and it upset him so badly.

He's like a little Yoda! Adorable.

aww. a true big brother.
that would be freaky for me too.
he wasn't really going to hit the squirrel with the bb gun was he....

We had HUGE problems with this and my neighbor recommended coating the pumpkin with vaseline. Works! And probably very funny to watch from inside.

hilarious! liam's quote is so funny.

we had a fairness issue at our house tonight, too...but it wasn't really very funny, except to the baby, who mocked his big brother.

Ha ha ha! That's hilarious!

Just when I thought I missed the least I don't have to worry about that.

Your kids are freakin' hilarious! Poor Ewan :)

I'm feeling that way this morning, post election.

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