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Normally I'd do a post about all the things I'd like to load up in my imaginary trebuchet and fling over the roof of my house but after some stress last week I've been in a strangely good mood. It's like when you're very sick and you visit the porcelain god and afterwards you feel as though you can really breathe again. So instead of flinging things I'd like to just make a list of some things which have made me really happy this past week:


I finished my first pair of fetchings the other night. They are black cotton, very plain and would probably look underwhelming compared to the fruits of some talented knitters, but they're mine and I love them.


Halloween. My mom always goes over the top decorating for the holidays and her insanity has passed to me. Today as part of their art lesson, the boys and I are making ghosts which we will turn into a mobile and hang from the ceiling in their playroom ...

Speaking of which, I am so glad it's all the way on the 3rd floor so I don't have to worry about this mess when guests come over. 99% of what you see here is from their grandparents. In a slight exaggeration, Chris and I had sticks to play with in comparison.


Our friend's coffee. We're not Catholic, but we love coffee named after saints.


This apple cake recipe, from my good friend. Ooh, and this from my lovely friend Alanna. A slaw recipe with apples and BACON. It just reinforces my idea that bacon goes with everything and is the panacea for all the world's problems. It's really hard to be in a bad mood when you're making one of these things and can smell it from the kitchen.



This guy. He's reading fifth grade books and loves scary stories. I am in awe at how many doors literacy opens; he breezes through most of his lessons and requires little instruction because he can read it all. Ewan is coming up fast behind him; we've started with short vowel sounds and he's reading simple words. I've been using Liam's leftover preschool and K4 material for him but I'm running out. (I'm also still slowly but surely working on a massive compendium of all things St. Louis, and not, homeschooling-related. If you've emailed me with a question and I haven't answered please shoot me another email! Sometimes thing get buried and I'm horrible at organizing my inbox.)


 What about you?


I so agree that when a child can read, all the world opens to him (or her)! Keep up the good work from one who got to the point that I couldn't find a book I hadn't read on the bookmobile at school and finally had to have the teacher write a note so that I could read "up" above my grade level. My library card is more valuable than my credit card.

The trees. They are nearing peak here in Cleveland. And I was in the mountains of Colorado last week marrying off my youngest son and the Aspens were absolutely on fire. (Not literally .. cause that does happen.) It makes it hard not to be happy when you see God paint the world so many colors.

My cold/flu/sinuses for finally clearing up. It took a month of waking up miserable and taking various drugs and drinking various liquids but this morning I woke up phlegm free!

My Coach purse which I spent way too much money on (I had a coupon and well, it got out of hand) but that I've already gotten numerous compliments on it. Nothing makes me feel better than a compliment on a wearable. So YAY! to large hobo in Berry!

Oh, I really want to fling my addiction to junk food. Really.

Wow! A 5th grade level...and how old is he? clearly that is yrs and yrs ahead! great job mom & son! can't wait to formally homeschool...tulip is 18 mos old no official homeschooling...but still TONS of books...she loves books & cinderella. ;-)

Happy that my retaining wall if finally getting built, after three contractors agreed to do it and then never showed.

The school finally tested my son for his learning disabilities, I have his meeting Friday so prayers please.

The way the leaves are changing and fall is in the air.

I so need a little non-fling reminder right now...

Email: because it keeps me & DH close even when he's an ocean away.

Bloggers: because the peepz I read are oh so funny, and help me see I'm not alone in this whole parenthood thing.

TV: because everyone needs an escape. That's mine. Heroes tonight anyone?

My Mom: for talking me down from some mighty stressful situations.

wow, good for him. my son is also reading ahead. he's in first grade. he loves to create as well.
anything he sees that comes to his head, it will be on paper real soon. tell Liam good job. and that is commendable on your part as well.
(really liked the picture of Chris in his recording studio, looks like things are kicking.)

Grandparents are fabulous for the gifts, aren't they? Your boys sound so great in every way--smart and great personalities. So lucky!

I am currently thankful that things are better & tolerable. September was pure evil, but life is going so much better. Except, I think I accidentally dyed my husband's hair lavendar. Yeah. It's subtle, so hopefully it will fade quickly, other than that, life's keen.

It's funny how that works sometimes. After having 3 art shows open in the last 9 days I'm relieved to be able to just do NOTHING, despite how much I love what I do. I suppose that's an antonym for you situation.

I am thankful for the change in weather. A new season always makes me feel like I am getting a fresh start. It makes me want to clean and organize - a feeling I don't get very often so I must take advantage.

I am thankful for my family. My husband works hard to keep us fed and clothed, and I don’t think he gets the appreciation he deserves. My older kids are all doing well in school and my little ones are so sweet and lovable that I find it hard to complain lately. And that’s a beautiful thing.

I am actually looking forward to the holidays. Last year I was very “bah, humbug” about the whole thing. This year I feel more like Mrs. Claus than Scrooge. I am thankful for that, and I’m sure my kids will be, too!

Thanks for giving us a reason to focus on the positive!!

Good things happened to us last week, yes indeed they did. Some I can talk about, some I can't, but suffice it to say I feel about 10 pounds lighter. Now, if I only WAS 10 pounds lighter.

Reading can take you anywhere. I'm so glad my mother passed on her love of reading to me.

Ultrasounds: We saw baby #2 this morning and he/she is doing great. He/she did a little dance for us. I'm only 9 1/2 weeks and no we will not find out until he/she is born.

Baby #1: At 18 months old, her independence and mischief is growing. It reminds me to slow down and have fun.

I'm here via Twitter with Lizzi at The Bitten Word. I'm happy to share the blogosphere with both of you!

I'm at

I am definitley going to make that Apple Cake today. I went Apple picking over the weekend! What a perfect time to see that Recipe :)

Thank God for grandparents, huh?
I wish Sophie had an official playroom. Right now it's just my office/playroom, plus some random toys strewn on the basement floor (finished).

Wow - to not fling - anything regarding monkrock - thanks for clueing me in to that awesome site. I love St Francis De Sales Oratory - makes me wish I still lived in the STL.

I'm so grateful for last week, which my husband and I spent in a cabin in Tennesse on the side of a mountain. We celebrated our fifth anniversary anniversary we didn't think we'd see as of a year ago when we thought the D word was the only answer.

We had what may be the best day of our lives - slept in until 11:00 a.m. (yes, I said 11!), made pancakes in our pajamas and then sat in rocking chairs reading on the breezy screened-in porch for the rest of the day. We were just so grateful to still be together.

my daughters - both of them - and their ability to make me laugh no matter what's going on in my life. my 3 year old can fix almost anything with a kiss on my cheek and her "mommy, you need to be happy!" i think my 6 year old is finally "getting it" when i tell her that she sets an example for her little sister and has shown increased listening skills, guidance and patience with her. sometimes they drive me nuts, but this week they're really more of a "keep" than a "toss."

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