A new week

Fall sun

I'm alive! Last week was a true test of my organizational skills and sadly, a couple tights suffered, like my laundry. I'm currently wearing a mismatched outfit of gray striped tights, a brown skirt, some red shirt I found stuffed in the back of my closet shelving, polka-dot leg warmers, and a wet, but clean head. Mondays are the days I recoup; the boys, bless their buttons, are in matching track suits a la Ari and Uzi Tenenbaum. Chris cut his way through a large bit of laundry last night and is the only reason I have clean undergarments today. A part of me feels like a total man. I'll be back with regularity after today. Hodge-podge time!

- My laptop died and was mostly restored by Michelle. I still need to reinstall Photoshop but, thanks to my backing everything up regularly, all of my iTunes and other files are safe.
- My N key isn't working properly and I'm so close to throwing a Veruca Salt tantrum over it. Sometimes I have to hit the N key several times. I'm shocked how how many words I use with N in them. Nargals, nepotism, ninnies, ninja! (A couple of weeks ago while on air, I opened a rand new bottle of Sprite and it exploded. The damage was limited to my laptop and Palm Centro.)
- My private, ISP internet account was unable to be saved, thus I've lost all my homeschool, Boy Scout, friends and family's email addresses. I haven't re-established it yet, so no one send anything there. Do I have the suckiest luck or what?
- I've set a loft goal of knitting some things for some people for Christmas because I love to torture myself. It's a better way to relax than drinking, though.
- I'm editing some of the things I'm doing right now to make way for a couple of projects coming down the pike.
- I have ANOTHER cold. So do both boys. We are forever coughing and hacking.
- I'm trying to decide whether or not I'm unhappy with my homeschool publisher's science curriculum.
- I haven't vacuumed my house in a week, there are books all over the place, and the contents of our fridge is starting to look a bit Spartan thus requiring a trip to the market. But! The boys are entertained, the house is warm, and we have a day where we don't have to be anywhere or do anything. Bliss.

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