It got all Reagan from Excorcist last night

I reviewed "Twilight" (I'll plug my ears so you can girl shriek) over at Mamapop. Go forth and read because omg.

When we returned Liam was a fountain of vomit. It was a long evening. Today I'm watching him and feeding him crackers and bread as though he were a pigeon.

I also finished my stepdad's birthday scarf, the gift for the man who hoards the giftcards you get him and and pretends to like that shirt you got him for Christmas three years ago - the one he never wears and is at the bottom of is drawer (so Mom tells you) because he's too afraid to hurt you feelings by taking it back. So, just, gawd, I made it easy on him and knitted it out of a cotton and wool blend so he can wash it because he's ever heard of Woolite. But he can grill a mean porksteak, so hey. Here it is and here's me wearing it because after I finished it I wanted it.

Scarf Scarf

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