The day after today

We didn't put a political yard sign on our property this year mostly because we were afraid that we'd get our asses kicked. No, not mostly, entirely. It's hard to be a tough guy when you have kids that can be affected. Some people get nutty when confronted with the physical embodiment of a differing opinion and I don't want any more hate mail, personal attacks, or people who take their balls and go home.

The more I think about the yard sign issue the more it really angers me that it's even an issue over which to feel bothered. You know? Or maybe you don't.

(I'm currently watching Mike Huckabee debate Bill Mahr on Huck's own, self-titled show. Surreal. Huckabee makes Precious Moments eyes while raking people over the coals. It's like a snake exclaiming to its prey as its being devoured: "You're tasty!" I'm not a Huck type of person, either.)

I will be working all day tomorrow on election coverage for the station. It's going to be a late night.

I hope people realize that when the confetti settles, after the chads from the ballots are in a landfill somewhere, I'm the same person you always knew, we all are.


(Go McCain!)
(If you want political speak, I'm here and here. Please be warned.)

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