Three things

While the headlines threaten to drive me to drink, while the children are bored because it's rainy and cold (and I'm still too snotty and cough-y to take them anywhere) I force myself to focus on things that make me happy, like these three:

Hand-me-down chair

This chair sits in the corner of our bedroom, dwarfed by the high ceilings and moulding. It's a hand-me-down (or secondhand, like most of the things in my house, I feel it more prudent, generally and financially, to rescue things from landfills rather than buy new) from Chris's mother, painted cream with a needle-point seat made by an aunt or some aunt's mother-in-law, or someone in the family. It's a runt, all by itself, and it sits in our rather sparse, all-white bedroom, the only room in the house that the boys are not allowed to trash with toys. They don't make furniture like this anymore; people rarely have the time to sit aroud and needle-point seat covers. Things like this remind me that Back Then, people did have the time to make the extra effort, or maybe details like that were just more important all those years ago. There's something about it that I find appealing.  

I am a Warner Brothers character

Sweet jeebus I love this skirt, almost as much as this one. It's vintage, a square-dancing skirt, made by a company called Partner Please which was based in San Francisco. Ewan says I have "nice legs!"

Speaking of which ...
My guys

These guys. Taken during a trip to the circus, the photos from which I'm preparing to upload. They're wearing hair in the likeness of circus' star, Bello. I won't mention the protesters outside, one of which was dressed like a grim reaper with fake animal carcasses hanging off its belt (for the kids, you know. "My grim is better," Ewan had said) because then I'd have to explain how one of them approached us and tried to hand me literature and I politely refused it but they rolled their eyes at me and I shot back that I was saving trees. I abhor the wasting of our precious and finite resources. Crap. Positive! POSITIVE.

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