I've started writing for the Imperfect Parent as a columnist and Prescott over there has been so kind as to work around my litany of daily deadlines. I enjoy writing for them and am happy to add to their catalog of invaluable content. My monthly column focuses on homeschooling; I'll be going into the whys, the hows, and just how we live it daily. This first installment goes into why we homeschool and I think it's the most concise definition I've ever written:

"Even more important than that, Chris and I live our lives according to the philosophy that life is short: do what you love. We fervently believe that each person has been put on this earth with a specific gift or skill and that our job as parents is to identify, recognize, and encourage the development of those gifts."

Please check it out in full.

Also, I've been playing Monopoly for the Wii and have written about my experiences for Blogher here.

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