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Someone had a good birthday.

He has a thing for hats

That I can still remember the day he was born so clearly, how he was thrashing about and hollering his head off even as he was being born, nearly suspends the reality of his birthday for me. Ewan is four-years-old now and yet he so very much looks like a baby to me. Except, as he is quick to point out, he's not.
Happy birthday to you

He's been working out of Liam's old preschool materials since the start of the school year and I feel pretty confident in moving him to kindergarten materials after Christmas. He can write his name, he can read simple words, and do simple addition. He's learned so much just by being at Liam's elbow whenever Liam does his lessons. He's fascinated with by haunted house shows, ghosts, skeletons, trains, scary books, the grim reaper, and much to my chagrin and Chris's delight, Rush is his favorite band. He also loves James Brown and can sing along to "Superbad."

He loved his cake

Ewan is completely different from his brother, and in some ways he and I resemble each other emotionally. Ewan is an introvert. He's not shy in the least; he just doesn't care much to socialize with others. During playgroups with other kids, he's content to sit in a chair beside me and while I talk to the other moms he will read a book or color. It took me two years of encouraging him to play with other kids before he finally rolled his eyes and indulged me. He's a quiet fellow and the only time he's loud is when he's displeased. He's incredibly compassionate, very protective of his big brother and me, even though he's shorter and stockier than Liam was at his age. Ewan is built like a tank and if one of my boys should grow up to be a boxer or MMA athlete, it will be Ewan.
The cake. For a four-year-old.

He got the cake he wanted, right down to the inscription on the tombstone. My mother was positively giddy about being able to have his cake made; I've always made the children's cakes and I think their grandmothers are itching at the possibility of being able to take that over for one or two of their birthdays. He saw his cake when he approached the table and the corners of his mouth pulled up to his eyebrows.

"It's very nice," he said before we all serenaded him with a chorus of "Happy Birthday." Then he blew out his candles.

Before I had two children I always wondered how I would be able to love another little human so unconditionally. That I would doubt the size of my heart sounds weird, but many mothers wonder. Your heart expands, along with your womb, those nine months. When Ewan was born I noticed his distinct personality from the beginning. I call him cantankerous at times, but strictly in a facetious, lovable sense. I would not change a single thing about him, even how he's a total morning person. He wakes me up on weekends by tiptoeing to the side of my bed and whispering "It's good morning time!" in my face. You have to welcome the sun after a wake up call like that.

The rest of our Thanksgiving; click on a photo to enlarge.
From across the table. I had to wash the Martha Stewart off me after this
My father-in-law and my mother


Ewan is now my favorite four-year old! Rush is my favorite band, too! You really owe it to him to take him to their next Riverport show.

I thought my oldest daughter still had that baby/little kid look until suddenly this past year. Now she looks grown up! She will be 13 this month.

That gives you maybe 9 more years of thinking of Ewan as a baby. Make the most of it.

Happy Birthday, Ewan!

What a good job you and Chris are doing with the boys. Sounds like they're becoming amazing people.

I love how the owl softens the morbidness of the tombstone cake. But good for you for indulging him. My brother Brian shares a birthday with Thomas Edison, so one year, he requested a birthday cake that read, "Happy Birthday, Brian and Tom." Mom found a lightbulb-shaped candles.

Moms rock.

great pictures. i needed a dose of something warm and inviting like white linen and a dose of celebration. esp. since out here on the east coast, i am kinda by myself. so been waiting to see pictures and have some new material to read.
glad he had a good birthday. real cute face. dad's not bad looking either. i can totally see him being protective of his older brother. there's nothing like a good brother relationship. i still remember the post you wrote of him being mad at you bc liam was in time out, which even made my heart melt. hope you had a good one.

That's an awesome cake! I think it's really cool that you indulge your kids' "eccentricities" rather than try and force them into some kind of mold. Good for you.

After having two children of my own, you would think I would know that the heart can expand to love more. But as my children have grown and my daughter has given me a grandson, I find myself asking that exact question, "how could I love another grandchild as much or equally?"

Oh, I know that I will, but at this point, it is hard to imagine.

Happy Birthday Ewan.


Happy Birthday Ewan! I really think it is cool how you do this for your kids. I cry at every post like this. Kudos on making his birthday special by indulging his inner goth. You are a fantastic mom.

Happy Birthday Ewan. My baby is 6 and is also a morning person. He still wakes me up by stating "It is wake up time. I see the sun." There's no arguing with the fact that the sun is up even if it is 6 AM
I love reading about your family -- you guys rock.

I enjoy your wonderful documentation of family life. Chez Loesch has definitely "got it goin' on."

Ewan is the cutest! That birthday cake is priceless--the expression on the owl's face--precious!

You are so lucky to be experiencing the best part of homeschooling, being able to let your child work at his own pace. Will he be able to attend any supplemental classes with Liam yet? I only wish I had the personality to homeschool. You are lucky to be able to provide such a great life for your child.

Happy birthday, little man.

Dana --- your kids are just too cute.

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